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All You Need Is Love
Part Three:
And A Happy Valentine's Day Was Had By All...
Feb. 23, 2003

By The Mighty Afrodite

Ah, it's taken me a little more than a week to recover, but here I am, Darlings, to share my Valentine's Day adventure with you.

So where, and how else could I, The Mighty Afrodite, spend V-Day, but at the Tenth Annual Valentine's Day Benefit for God's Love We Deliver, putting my money where my mouth is?

It was a grand old time, at Rare, (Formerly the Cooler) with hosts Lisa Ludwig and Frank Wood, who really knocked themselves out to pull together a memorable evening and come through for their fellow human beings. There were bleeding heart donuts from the Cupcake Café, a chance to make a heart-felt valentine for house-bound AIDS patients, a raffle of many great and fun things by Mr. Wood (who would if he could) himself, amazing giveaways, and of course, the Music!

So how does the NYC Rock Scene love us? Let me count the ways:

1) The show got of to a funky, fun start with a show of groove and energy by the boys of Red Sky Morning; coming up fast behind them was the

2) Anti-folk rock stylings of Joe Bendik, who always manages to 'do it with feeling' and with out over-sentimentalizing.

3) The spicy-licious, mouth-watering, tex/mex rock of Mama Gütay warmed up the crowd nicely for

4) the lush, Tijuana elegance of Mad Juana, joined on stage by Tony on the bongos laying down that primal beat, and Amalia, stroking our nerve endings as she stroked her viola, the vibe and sound that never fails to fill you and feel you, from the inside out, that moves mountains, and excites the gods and goddesses to sweetness and lust.

5) But first, the talented members of Black Flamingo took to the stage, with their energetic, simple, child-like approach to truth, rock and sweetness with a touching and happy tribute to adorable lead singer Lisa Ludwig's Brother, the late Richard "Dicky" Keston.

6) It was good thing Queen V took the stage acoustic, with a little help from Chris on guitar, because we needed a little wind-down, and Queen V roars and electrifies as it is.

So who has the soul and the edge to follow?

7) Mother Goddess certainly did. The sound, the fury, the superfly... Lead guitarist/Vocalist Maya would have made Shaft go limp, she was so fine. Not even drummer Jay's display of boney white ass could have taken away from the excellent guitar playing and backing vocal rhythm, and his own heart-thumping beat, especially when they kicked with a cover of one of my all time favorite punk rock songs, "Sonic Reducer" by The Dead Boys, a cover that would have raised the Late Stiv Bators.

8) Up next was a band that needs no assistance in rising and surpassing their former level of glory as one of the late 70s' best and most underrated rock bands, The Tuff Darts. These guys proved that some things really do improve with age... but they don't always mellow.

9) Next, we got a little tough luv, with the Grrrrowl rock of the She-Wolves, tearin' it up for us, letting us know where the future of music really lies.

10) And since the crowd was already a bit rowdy and riled, next around was Temptress, always lovely, sleaze-rocking us and giving it to us hard and nasty, they even brought their own toys!

10) Oh, Yeah, Baby! Following up the foreplay was the real thing, Porn Rock, who's newest guitarist Justin and guest drummer Jay, of Mother Goddess, stepped up and kept up the standard of great music these guys are known for! One again, during audience participation time, since newbie Justin asked me sooo nicely, I found myself introducing myself to him properly, joining the floor show with the most fabulous Miss Kitty Porn', and the incredible, groan worthy Pink Snow, resplendent in catholic school girl plaid! My apologies to the other lovely ladies onstage, we were not properly introduced!

11) Well all good things eventually come to an end, but not until Plastic Heroes takes the stage, all the way from England, to show us much love and a good time!

That "Man About Town" Bobby Lund kept us shiny and warm, spinning between sets, while Host and MC Frank Wood, with the help of Yours Truly, called some numbers and doled out the goodies to all the generous people who bought raffle tickets to help out a good cause. Of course, since I was dancing all evening, some of those tickets ended up in some interesting places!

Kenn Rowell of the Baghdaddios and "The Most Photographed Woman in NYC" Jana Peri came by to celebrate the evening, and NYC's own Bead Queen, asplash in red, bestowed her heart-shaped goodies to all who caught her fancy. I got to party with my favorite admirer, and Frank Wood's loyal, hard-working assistant, Ryota, and best of all, people surprised themselves with their generosity to their fellow human beings in need.

We all had such a great time, it was easy to forget that we were there to help the people who help other people live a more comfortable and dignified and hopefully, happier lives.

I just want to give a special salute to all the people who gave, in one way or another, freely, from the goodness of their own hearts to show a little love this Valentine's Day, to a group of people who really need it. You all know who you are.

Until next year, With All My Heart, Darlings.

The Mighty Afrodite