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Sound Bite
By The Mighty Afrodite

 Kip Elbaum & David Tanner Present:
Manic Monday @ CBGB's Lounge
Monday, April 14, 2003

Oh, I know Darlings, so many things to do on a Monday night: laundry, calling your Mom, organizing next day's schedule...

So seriously, where the hell were all you people? Kip Elbaum and David Tanner lined up a spectacular list of talent, who rocked an almost empty house down to its foundations.

First up, always spectacular, never watered down, The Jana Peri Band stretched the sound barrier a little for us, rocking out with both old goodies, and a few new selections. The sultry vocal talents of the inimitable Jana Peri never disappoint, and the tightly wound and sprung band let loose with their usual energy, ignoring the wide open floor space.

Insert cricket sound affects here, then onward to,...

The Bex Marshall Band, a multinational trio of soulfully tuned, finely edged musicians, headed by Bex Marshall, who showed up wearing someone else's breasts on her shirt, and very unpretentiously crooned to us, giving us lush sound, and letting loose a combination of bitter and sweet guaranteed to haunt your dreams.

Again, the sounds of silence, and then...

The Unpronounceable, Chip, Chuck and Jorge spinning that upright bass around between the three of them, while Chuck laid down the continuous beat that swung these guys beautifully through their set, culminating in a drum solo that allowed the rest of the band to sit and rest for a minute. These guys have that almost magical quality that makes it impossible not to dance when you hear them play, and you cannot die happy until you hear their rendition of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man."

The clever and conservatively dressed Kenn Rowell of The Baghdaddios was on hand, providing neccessary beer and liquids, and members of each band either came early or stayed late to check out the rest of the sound.

So if you're wondering where all the good music has gone, it hasn't really gone anywhere. It's right here, waiting for you guys to come and experience it.

Fuck the laundry!

Hoping to see you around, Darlings...

The Mighty Afrodite