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By The Mighty Afrodite

The 1st Anniversary of
"Frank Wood Presents: NYC UNPLUGGED
The core of NYC's best bands"
169 BAR, Thursday, March 27th, 2003

Let's face it, not many relationships make it to the first year; Lisa Marie Presley/Nick Cage, Tom Green/Drew Barrymore, ABC Monday Night Football/Dennis Miller...

But in the great tradition of Exceptions that Prove the Rule (set by notables such as Captain & Tenille, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Ren & Stimpy), "Frank Wood Presents" and 169 Bar are still making beautiful music together every Thursday night, and it looks like they will continue to do so for a good long time to come.

Getting us off to a great start was Johnny Rock (the name says it all), who got the place jumping in grand style, with his lively take on acoustic rock.

Next up, the sometimes notable, always memorable Gass Wild on vocals and guitar and Andy "The Android" on percussion and assorted sound effects, leaving the rest of The Love Pirates at home, and giving us a rousing and well-delivered set of bluesy rock, British style, that made me wonder what the Stones might have been capable of, had they not gotten quite so full of themselves. As if they weren't grand enough on their own, they were joined by Javier (Sax) of Mad Juana, and Ami Erlich (Vocals) fresh from the trenches of Rent, for a sensual, rhythmic nod to good friend Suzie Blues.

In the interim, we were gifted with a short, yet powerful a capella ditty from Lisa Lightning, who bemoaned the absence of her bass guitar, yet held her own, with nothing more than a tambourine and some rhythmic clapping from Yours Truly.

The perfect segué into yet another incomparable, lusty performance by Mad Juana, recently joined by the most excellent Amalia stroking our nerve endings on the viola, and Tony Mann of Angel Rot and She Wolves keeping a heart-stopping thump going on percussion, filling the 169 with hard thoughts and dirty promises.

One medicinal margarita later, we were treated to the clever, pop culture approach to surfer punk that is The Pocket Monsters, without the tedious angst of suicide and drug O.D. It's nice to know that you can never be too old or settled down to get riled all over again, and take potshots at the establishment.

Like all great things, this evening too, was destined to end, but not without a tremendous finish from surprise guests Pretty Suicide. As always, they performed their hearts out, giving us a too-short yet brilliant set, although it almost seems unfair to unplug this band. They have so much style and energy, it's like watching a hurricane bang around in a glass jar; you just have to let them out, and hold on for dear life.

We were sustained fabulously between sets by the notorious "Man About Town" DJ Bobby Lund, who always takes good care of us.

So Here's looking forward to another year of great unplugged performances, and I'll see you at the Silver Anniversary, Darlings!

The Mighty Afrodite