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Valentine's Day 2004: It's Not Just for Hallmark Any More

Antisocial commentary/Review
The 11th Annual God's Love We Deliver Show

By The Mighty Afrodite

So check it out; Here I was, looking forward to this shindig, pretty much since last year's party (which, if you remember last year's review, was a total fucking blast) with my ideals firmly intact, when something happened last June, that kind of brought me up short:

I met someone.

Now, unlike the "someone" one might usually meet while partying hearty (which is basically , someone you promise to fuck if he/she will only make sure you get home in one piece because you're too drunk to get home on your own, which, FYI was never my style to begin with.  I prefer fuck-buddies) this was actually someone I had a hope of a romantic future with.

And this hope turned out to be grounded in reality, for as February 14th fast approached, we were still together and he began to ask me about plans for the afore-mentioned day. Which is when I in turn shared my personal view of Valentine's Day (which, if you remember last year's article, were not only contrary, but down right hostile at some points.)

It seems that my Sweetheart had a different, more hopeful idea of Valentine's Day than myself. Namely, that Valentine's Day with someone, especially the right someone, was a great time for making up for all the crappy Valentine's days of yore. And something strange began to happen to me; I began to sort of embrace Valentine's Day as a romantic holiday. He wanted to celebrate it in the traditional way with me, and I began to want to as well. This was about the point that I asked myself:

Did I still believe everything I've been saying, or was that all the hostile raving of a bitter, lonely woman who didn't believe that love was something she could dare hope for?

Actually, it wasn't. I still believed that Valentine's Day should encompass many different love relationships, and I still believed in loving my fellow man, and, since my man is also one of the best friends I have ever had, I believe more than ever in the love of good friends, which is why, this Valentine's Day '04,  I could be found, boogying down and jiggling and flashing my tits for a great cause, The 11th Annual God's Love We Deliver. Now, how much did I love and enjoy this year's show?

You tell me.

1) Frankie Wood and Lisa Ludwig Music and Love decided that the Pussycat Lounge would be the perfect venue this year and I couldn't agree more, on so many levels. And frankly, I though it was so typically New York that  Robert, who owns this spectacularly sleazy and strangely classic flash palace also cared enough about this cause to show a great big heart, and make room in all of that lust for a little love.

2) Frankie and Lisa let me sell raffle tickets in my own unique way, which many of you are already familiar with. And I have to say, I can't believe that a chance to see my bare hooters could have been the only motivation to give. I think people don't often have a chance to give themselves enough credit.

3)  Michele Meow and Andra, who poured drinks and smoldering hothouse looks with equal measure.

4) My best friend Ami bought $40 worth of tickets, and won double that in bar tabs and dinners alone, as well as fabulous jewelry and enough  t-shirts and caps to outfit the average trucker. Bless you baby, you're a shining example to people who "Never Win Anything at These Things."

5) I won something! I couldn't believe it! I won this really great art piece by Alan Rand, noted Artist and rock-loving bohemian.

6) The bands, my God, the bands! It was another spectacular line up of music, so much so that each act was a different kind of orgasm.

The Rusted Crowns didn't happen, so right away I was feeling a little teased.

Stark, fronted by the tremendous Lani Ford, was a wet and down deep , dirty- sweet sound experience.

Joe Bendik was a familiar roughness, dependable and fun.

The Heather Larkin Band, With Lani Ford on bass and co-vocals gave us a little girl-girl action and left us sweaty and giggly.

Aethos was worth two orgasms, bursting with luscious rock rhythm, and then pulsing all the way through their set with unmistakable energy and skill, as promised.

Black Flamingo was sweet, touching and raucous all the way, with favorites such as her "The Most Beautiful Boy", a tribute to her Brother Dicky Keston, who was a client of GLWD, and would have celebrated his birthday on Feb. 15th.

Bobby Steele was a touch of gentlemanly sweetness, performing old favorites of rockabilly and 50's tunes, invoking those nostalgic moments of back seats and under old apple trees.

Alowicious was a bop back to that early, energetic rush of hormones that I remember from senior year on my Mom's couch, fun, and furtive, never ending.

Banana Fish Zero never leaves you wanting more, and they performed the longest set of the evening, responding to cries of "More, More!" with relentless enthusiasm, and pounding  energy. One special climax was when Temptress joined the boys on stage; my goodness, she was surrounded, and forced to perform her very best with each of them, although I get the feeling Prince Hal was her favorite; I would have been jealous, but as it turns out, the boys needed me to perform Bobby Lund's role!

Bombshell dressed up for the occasion and gave us a jolt of hidden corners and dark thoughts, rough-riding sound, and fury, so much so that I barely had a chance to catch my breath!

The Drossells came on next, and left everyone breathless all over again, and it was great to know that Li's absence did not demoralize these boys so much that they couldn't hit us with their usual, welcome 70 mph roadhouse sound, hot jazz-rock in a blender, soaking everyone.

At this point, I couldn't take any more, and I swiftly departed for home and Sweetheart, for a grand finale!