Me Wood and Friends — Dec 13 2001

By Kipp Elbaum

On Thursday, the 13th KIPP ELBAUM, JOEY ZERO, RON RESCIGNO, BURNY WHITE and FRANK WOOD put on a monster benefit for the Christmas fund for the children of the FIREFIGHTERS who lost their lives saving others in the WTC Disaster, at CBGB's (THANK YOU HILLY for donating the space). There were 31 bands scheduled starting at 7pm. Starting with DANNY KELLY and his band (Karen, Kristen, Bob, Mike and Dave), Lisa Ludwig and BLACK FLAMINGO (Sharon and Miwa), and the HUDSON DUSTERS (Kevin, Danny, Bill, ED and big Bill Thompson from the SENDERS) and then JANA PERI BAND (Jana, Rick, Jim, and Nikki) filled out the first hour and we were just getting started.

The legendary DAVID PEEL (poet/writer/musician/cannabis activist) did his usual eclectic commentary on the state of the world thru his eyes. Then it was back to the music with MIKE DUTTON and his friend Dave, leading into OSCAR AND THE PIDGIN SISTERS (Scott, Heidi, Simona and Vicky) and SUCKERS LUCK ( Danny, Artie, Don and Billy Ficca from TELEVISION). JAMES CHANCE and Billy again on drums ended the second hour.

STARFISH (Dave and JEZO) started the 3rd hour, followed by RUBY and the REDNECKS (Steve Greenfield, Johnnny, Suzie, Ron and Paul). TYPHOON FERRI (Aaron, Tyler and Mark) led into a personal favorite of mine.

JOY RYDER and the NY RHYTHM ALL-STARS (Yasayuki, Stu"the PROFESSOR" Newman, Angelo Olivieri, Dave and Steve Greenfield) got the crowd to their feet with their infectious r&b grooves to start the 4th hour, which led to the rockabilly of the BLIND PHAROAHS (Bill, Steve JIm and Sean). Then it was time for one of the original bands from the early days of CBGB's: THE FLESHTONES (Peter, Ken , Kieth, Bill and,again, Steve Greenfield), and they haven't lost anything since the days of yore.

GRAVEYARD SLUT (Bill, Cameron, Dunji and Mike) led off the 5th hour with straight ahead driving r&r and we were cooking now . CHARM SCHOOL (Tina, Steve, Yoav and Frank) was next and then came SHIRLEY TEMPLE OF DOOM (Jeff, Mat and Billy) and we had reached the halfway mark.

The STAR SPANGLES (Ian, Tom, Nick and Joe) started the 6th hour and it was the only time I had to threaten a band with the hook for overstaying their slot, but they're young and they'll learn. Then came the band most people (and all the firemen ) came to see THE BULLIES w/Bobby Steele. Joe, Walt, Beertruck and Mike played their hearts out. This was a great set despite the fact that binasshole had taken their fellow band member and our favorite firefighter away from us. We're gonna miss you John, but we'll never forget! It was rough but the DROSSELLS (Li, Burny, Danny, Arwan and JJ) more than managed to keep up the spirit of the nite.

AFTERLIFE (Tristen, Charlie, Chris and Joe) broght us into the the 7th hour. The next act I was waiting for all nite, they drove up from North Carolina to show their support , JAKE's BLUES (Jake, Jason and Steve), but gremlins attacked his guitar and even with all these bands he was the ONLY left-handed guitarist of the nite! The KRETINS (Ron, Kevin and Nikki) took the stage next and chased those gremlins away. Then HEADCASE (Ann-Marie and Danny) finished off the hour.

The CARVELS (LynnBomb, Bryan, Sean and Steve) took the stage, to lead off the 8th hour, but the gremlins had returned,so after 1 song they let THE SOCIETY OF FACES (TJ, AL and Dicky) take over. The gremlins were defeated or so we thought, and Jake took another shot at it . Those gremlins were having a feast with his guitar so it was up to the INNCORRIGABLES (Kieth, Michael, Kevin and John) to defeat them( after first defeating their own inner gremlins backstage.) They were more than up to the task. NO PLACE TO PISS (Joe, Bomb, Kieth and Joey Zero!) followed them and I was amazed that a) Joey Zero had a guitar, b) he could make it play, and c) he was that focused for, what, 15 minutes.!?! Well that could only mean the end was coming and ANIMAL CLINIC ( Mike, Sioban and Paul) was it. We only went over by 12 MINUTES!?!! I want to thank everyone who made this show a success and I also want to apologize for any misspellings. THANK YOU!!!

Postscript by Mr F Wood:

This was an AWESOME SHOW!

Even though this was their first show w/o their leader, JOHNNY HEF, THE BULLIES ROCKED!

I was by the side of the stage filming and you could feel the tension as they were setting up and then BOBBY threw his cane down and they said "THIS IS FOR JOHNNY, LET THEM HEAR IT OVER THERE!"