FRANK WOOD..the legend in this time

By Ace Preston
(Author, guerilla-photojournalist)

The Frank Wood experience..

This man seems to be in every picture of every different band which plays and performs in Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Union Square, Madison Park, Central Park, Union Square Park, Tompkins Square Park, Cooper Union, and the former Shea Stadium with the solo Beatle and also the only New York Doll then David Johansen before Buster Pointdexter, The Clash, The Who, and last but not least Billy Joel and Paul McCartney..

In the past he grew up in the shadows of Dreamland & Luna Park.. He was there before us. I wrote about him in 2007 when I was a co-founder of but what does that was only one of the Top 50 web pages in the World according to "TIME Magazine" in what does that my words have any pull.. this ain't Havana and Dreamland burned down and Luna Park got dark decades ago...and I was right like always because the gods had gifted me and blessed me with the Holy Spirit and the ability to talk in tongues.

Frank Wood is the man in the New York Music club scene..sure Midways might be gone but Frank could have told you that..They should have listened to Frank but the scene was just beginning to erupt..The war hasn't begun yet but the civil unrest is rising and we'll be there soon. Legends come and go but Frank's got them all ready to launch the decibel attack by Sound and Fury which only William Faulkner could tell you about and Truman Capote is dead in cold blood and so is Federico Garcia Lorca who is even more long and gone.. Frank brought the Live Band music scene back to New York and even Brooklyn.. Sure Dr. Khosouri is in Long Island City at the L.I.C. Bar but that's another story.

These music legends are rising. The 60's are gone but David Peel is still alive performing better than ever, "Hanoi.." still "..Rocks" with Sami Yaffa & Mad Juana, the Misfit is not mis-heard but alive with "The Undead" as Bobby Steele.. this is Rock and Roll history being re-created again..not some junkie from England like Sid Vicious puking all over the place wasting people's time and money waiting for him to finally put on a decent show...there is even word that Lee Harrison will be returning to town to perform with former drummer from "The Sorcerers" which happened to be the last band to play Great Gildersleeves after it re-opened after Anthrax supposingly played the last set then re-opened.

This is the legend of Frank Wood because of the people that he's known and what he left behind and what is yet to come.

(Note from FRANK WOOD: I ain't dead, yet!)