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NEW YORK WASTE, April 2007

SHE WOLVES CD Release Party

ON Tuesday, 2/20/7 at OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD, POPTOWN RECORDS recording artists SHE WOLVES celebrated the release of their CD "MACH I-The Early Days" and was it ever WILD!

Upon arriving at OTTO's you walked into a drunken, balloon filled room that was raucous with all the members of SHE WOLVES taking turns in the DJ booth.

POPTOWN RECORDS original act, SCARED STIFFS opened the show. With ghouly-face make-up the boys got the room up and dancing and it stayed that way all night long.

A feat in itself considering both rooms and hallway were packed for the entire evening.

The LOVE PIRATES followed and gave their usual high energy set that kept the room jumping. MC FRANK WOOD had his hands full trying to get all the bands on before the one upstairs neighbor (dickweed that he/she is) had a chance to make a complaint.

Then the SHE WOLVES took the stage. Joining DONNA LUPE and TONY WOLFMAN was original bassist, LAURA SATIVA. Halfway thru the set, RANDY, from THIN LIZZY, took over bass duties and the insanity continued.

As if that wasn't enough, STARK (a last minute replacement for GRANDE-PAM the METAL QUEEN was hit was a spell of bronchitis) finished off the live portion of the music before the cops showed up! (upstairs asshole!) Fast talking and a few jokes from Mr. Wood and the cops left leaving the drunken insanity to continue. Things quieted down around 3am,( not bad for a Tuesday nite) !

This is a CD that you've got to have in your collection. So go out and GET IT! While you're at it, pick up a few and get your Christmas shopping started early.!

See ya around,