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Dec. 1, 2007

NEW YORK WASTE, December 2007


As you probably know I do a big birthday show every year that is actually a bunch of shows. It is my way of saying THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make my shows all year the fun that they were.

I also like to think of it as an ANTI-cmj show because ALL of my bands are good and ALL of my shows are either $5.00 or FREE!

11 Shows
11 Days
6 Different venues
66 Bands
4 DJ's

I was the only one to be at ALL of the shows, so I have to write the article (LUCKY's decree!)

Day 1 was at CAVE CANEM and had GUTTER & SPINE, BEER DRINKING FOOLS, TRAUMA TEAM 666, ANIMALE and the STRAPHANGERS. This was a mostly punk show and it was wild. Slam-dancing, blood, hard driving rock'n'roll and DJ ROB NITRO keeping everybody moving b/w and after the bands. The video cameraman got caught up in the pit and that resulted in some wild footage.

THE WALDOS with WALTER LURE headlined Day 2 at CLUB MIDWAY. Japanese punks UZUHI started the nite followed by FRANKIE & HIS FINGERS and WUSSY (it was also their drummer, KEN's B-day). Then the girls from CHEAP PERFUME took the stage despite their drummer getting out of the hospital that morning. (She still had the tubes in her in case she had to go back!) Big BILL TELLO was there to give their drummer, BRENDA, a break when she needed it. BUNNY, SUSIE and NANCY showed that they haven't lost it since they first started back in the 70's at CBGB. WALTER had JOE RIZZO on drums and 2 Japanese guys on bass and guitar. (Sorry, I was going for 11 days - some of the names I forgot.) He rocked and put out a classic WALDOS show! DJ SHAR GORGIIS had the crowd dancing b/w and after the bands.

HANK's SALOON in Brooklyn was the site of Day 3 with BILLY JOE and THE DUSTY 45s and their Seattle brand of rockabilly. RIVERCAT replaced LONESOME NASH to start off the night and they were joined by SUSAN MITCHELL on violin. Then it was surf time with the Farfisa organ of 9th WAVE and then EL MUCHACHO with their electric Kazoo and Mike's homemade guitar - FUCKER! After the Seattle kids were done we switched to punk as the boys (and girl) from Philly - LOAFASS - took the stage. They brought their friends from Pittsburgh - THE ALCOHOLOCAUST - and it turned into a crazy nite as we ended up in Bed-Stuy at a house party til some obscene daylight hour.

I managed to make it down to OTTO's by 6pm on Sunday for Day 4 and more punk rock with old friends SKEEVOTZ. The DIXIELAND SPACE ORCHESTRA was next but was only half as big as usual, so I dubbed them DSO, Jr. JOE BENDIK followed and was joined by BILLY FICCA (TELEVISION) on drums and it sounded fantastic! The HEADLESS HOOKERS started off their month long residency at OTTO's by adding a 3rd back-up singer and the crowd loved it. THE FUX were next and ROMAN was wondering how to follow 3 HOT babes, so he lit his guitar on fire and played it with his teeth at the same time. BILLY was playing with FLACK BLAMINGO after that and he still was sharp. ACID RAYZ made their return to the OTTO's stage accompanied by ROBERT LUND (who just got back from his 12 week cross-country adventure). ASH GREY (guitarist - CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL) did his solo thing before the start of THE "SOFA KING" WILDE JAM. With WILD BILL THOMPSON (THE SENDERS) on guitar, SUSAN MITCHELL (BLONDE & BLUE) on violin and JOHN COLLINS (THE TERRORISTS) on guitar & vocals, we barely finished in time to close up at 4am!

Monday was Day 5 and it happened to be RICHIE HEAVEN's B-day so his band the SPRINKLE GENIES were on hand to celebrate at the DELANCEY BAR. The BAGHDADDIOS led off the nite followed by KINDERGARTEN, the SPRINKLE GENIES, STARK, THE MIXED SIGNALS and the SONS OF MOON. SHAR GORGIIS was the DJ and another nite was capped off fittingly.

Day 6 was the only day that I didn't have pictures for (I screwed up and forgot the camera). Being it was the midway point of the 11 DAYS, I had the Chinese jazz/rock band ZEN followed by the LA style rock of COLD FLAVOR REPAIR at CAVE CANEM. THE STANDALONES closed out the nite.

LISA McQUADE had her birthday on Day 7 at CLUB MIDWAY and we started a little late as the opening band had car trouble in West Virginia. DJ SHAR GORGIIS kept everybody busy until NOT NOW RIGHT NOW took the stage. Then it was time for the Birthday girl to take the stage and she had the guys from FUNKFACE as her backing band. They rocked thru an over 35 minute set, and then, instead of taking a break, they were joined by their singer LUQMAN and rocked for almost an hour. LUQMAN's shirt was soaking wet and he just slightly bumped me and then my shirt and jacket were almost as wet. MAMA's DIRTY LIL SECRET kept the rock with a little a funky twist going til the end!

PARANOID LARRY & HIS IMAGINARY BAND led off Day 8 at CAVE CANEM and he never fails to shock and amaze all who see him. THE ANABOLICS led into LUCID SPRUCE. Then, from Ireland, we had THE URGES who blazed thru a set to have SCREAM & SCREAM AGAIN wrap up the live portion of the evening. DJ ROB NITRO kept the groove going as we closed out the cave and moved thru the maze into the sister bar, WAIKIKI WALLY's, with the Irish boys until daylight.

On Friday nite, Day 9, the front man for the old band HURRY UP OFFENSE returned with his new project, HARRIS TRUCKS and it was as if he never left. METAL JOHN left all the guitar players (and everyone else there) mesmerized with a new 25 minute and 37 second piece that was typical METAL JOHN. PAM the METAL QUEEN then took the stage with her band GRANDE and people were reassured that she IS the METAL QUEEN! The LOVE PIRATES did their usual Brit flavored rock set followed by THE DIVIDE as they prepared for their upcoming tour to Florida next year. Then PETEY returned to join JOE HOGAN and the boys of ROARFIEND as they Rockin' KICKED ASS, BIG TIME! The BOWERY BOYS took the stage to close out the live portion of the night and then DJ SHAR GORGIIS brought it all home.

Saturday nite started off Day 10, or GREMLIN Nite, at the TRASH BAR in Brooklyn. NATIONAL G's guitar player, DAVE broke his strap but continued playing while kneeling down. The Gremlins kept at it as BLOOD FROM STONE took the stage and the guitar cabinet kept spitting out the cable to the head. FEAR THE STAE was also attacked by the Gremlins as they had cable problems also. The Gremlins tried to get THE BULLYS, but WALT was having none of it. JOE, WALT, TODD, DANNY and GERRY punked thru another KICK ASS set as a prelude to the STATUES OF LIBERTY. Raising the intensity of the packed house JOHN LAW, PRINCE HAL and HITOMI took the stage as my birthday officially began, and rocked for almost 45 minutes until it was time for the return of HONOR AMONG THIEVES. With CHEROKEE back from California, the smiles returned to the faces of DAVE, SEBASTIAN and ERIC, as they ripped thru a set as if they had never taken a break. The F-UNITS completed an AWESOME NITE of ROCK'n'ROLL the likes of which NYC hasn't seen in awhile. Of course with a nite like this there can only be one DJ, the MAN-ABOUT-TOWN himself, the one and only LUNDO!

Managing to pull myself into OTTO's on my birthday, Day 11 wasn't as hard as I expected. With the CD release party for DA WILLYS from 4-6pm and an open bar, the nite got started quickly. ACOUSTIC TRAUMA came down from Albany and PAUL's violin was fiery as he kept the crowd aware. Then F.P. TOZ took the stage and rocked hard and proved they are WAY better, and tighter, as a 3 piece. The legendary BOBBY STEELE (THE UNDEAD, THE MISFITS) was up next and did an acoustic set that had people marveling at how GREAT a voice he has! The HEADLESS HOOKERS were back for their second appearance of the 11 DAYS, but minus SARA, and still did a great set. Then some more old-school boys, THE HUDSON DUSTERS, took the stage.

With JOHN COLLINS on vocals, WILD BILL THOMPSON on guitar, KEVIN SHAW on bass and BIG BILL TELLO pounding the drums, these guys blew the roof off the place, and without even breaking a sweat. WILD BILL and I did shows together back in the 70's, when we were both a 100 pounds lighter. THE UNPRONOUNCEABLE then brought their picking fingers back to OTTO's and ran thru a set that included the lovely JAMEELA, belly dancing while they played IRON MAN! As if that wasn't enough, JAMEELA returned to join T.J. JORDAN (WOUNDED) and his buddy FORREST, as they performed two killer, classic rock pieces, acoustically - LITTLE WING and COME TOGETHER! Before he started, T.J. apologized for any sloppy playing, claiming he had drank more than expected because they went on later than scheduled. He then proceeded to blow everyone away as he got warmed up. By this point WILD BILL had already left and JOHN COLLINS took the stage for THE "SOFA KING" WILDE JAM solo and closed the bar.

I woke up at 1pm on Monday feeling AWAKE and wondering, what will we do Next Year?

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who made this a Birthday party for the books. Especially DENTON and MORRIS who worked the doors and CRAZY GLEN who tried to keep an eye on me and make sure i didn't get arrested.

See ya at the next show,


"Then HE commended mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry: for that shall abide with him of his labor the days of his life, which GOD giveth him under the sun."
- Ecclesiastes 8:15

"We're on a mission from GOD!"