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Apr 1, 2008

NEW YORK WASTE, Spring 2008

STARK's CD Release Party at CLUB MIDWAY on January 26

It finally arrived! The long-awaited follow-up to STARK's "THE CURSE". It's called "PUT IT TO YOUR HEAD".

LANI FORD, along with her bandmates JOSETTE & ROB, have put out a ROCKIN' CD. It was engineered by JOE HOGAN, so you know it's gotta be top notch.

The show started off with BILLY MAGEE, a solo act and friend of the band's from NJ. He brought some people along to play with him. i guess he's tired of playing with himself. First his wife joined him and then DYLAN (THE RABBITS). for a song. JOHN LAW (STATUES OF LIBERTY) was up next for a few duets and LANI even joined them for a few songs.

THE BLUE SHADOW DOGS were up next and the old boys showed the young kids how to rock and make it look easy, With MIKE LINN and MICHEL FABIAN on drums and bass, and MADDOG MIKE and KURT on guitar, these boys ROCKED!

The SPRINKLE GENIES were missing their two female parts (ERIKA & ANONDA) but AMALIA joined ANDY, STEVE and RICHIE for a really good set.

GIRL TO GORILLA's lead singer was really sick so they cancelled but everyone else picked up the ball and ran with it.

GRANDE came out BLAZING!!! PAM the METAL QUEEN's voice is hard to top as she just flat out wails away full throttle. JEREMEY, CHRISand WIGGY are all top notch musicians and they are a perfect match for PAM's songs and voice.

With the lovely BRIDGET and DENTON working the door, everyone was happy as they received their FREE CD upon admission.

JOSETTE showed up 5 minutes before show time but was up on stage and ready to rock and rock she did! This girl can shred on guitar. ROB's drumming and LANI's bass move the songs along and the songs' placement in the set made for a THRILLING aural experience! LANI's lyrics continue to show different sides of her and keep you coming back for more.

If you weren't there, you can go to her website (www.starknyc.com) and get it there.

STARK's next show is February 16th at OTTO's. Go check them out, while you can.

See ya around,