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July 1, 2008

NEW YORK WASTE, Summer 2008

A Very Special Onetime Acoustic Performance from the ORIGINAL SEX SLAVES!

Tuesday, May 13 was one of those nights why I LOVE and live in NYC!

I was at THE DELANCEY BAR, where I help out my friend, BRIAN BURKE (notice the correct spelling), by working the sound for his show, THE SCENE.

We started off with KIETH KENNEY, a young singer-songwriter new to NYC. He had some interesting songs and good guitar skills. He was followed by TOM from the band THE KIMBALLS. His band had a show coming up and this was a good way of getting a little promo in for it. (It worked cause I saw some of the people from that nite at his band's next show!) SCOTTY B. from the F-UNITS got up and did a few songs and he also happened to have a show coming up.

Then BRIAN got up and did a few songs and along the way he was joined by SANTO, ROB (COMPULSIONS) and MARTY E.(DIRTY PEARLS).

See, that's what THE SCENE is about. Good musicians and friends having fun and helping each other out! Testing new songs. Playing old favorites. Bringing along their friends to meet some new ones. Along the way promoting their upcoming shows and making new friends and fans. All the time in between the act the Lovely DJ, TONI LYNN keeps the mood going!

In 2002, RADICAL RECORDS, along with STEVE BLUSH, put out one of the BEST, Underground, Independent CD's of NYC Rock'n'Roll of the still new 21st Century. It was called, oddly enough, NEW YORK CITY ROCK'n'ROLL, and it had 24 of the most outrageous bands ever to grace a single CD. This was right after 9/11 and people were wondering if NYC would recover and how long would it take.

Well, I'm proud to say that it was the NYC independent, underground music scene that took the bull by the horns and put out a CD that will be hard to be matched. The diversity of the bands was varied but the quality of each genre was the same: AWESOME!

After the CD came out some of the bands continued. Some broke up. Actually, most of them are gone now, but their individual band members have continued with other projects. But some of them took the baton and ran for the gold!

One of those bands were the SEX SLAVES. Even though they too, split over creative differences, they continued on with new members and new songs and still keeping some of the old ones. They have been in the studio for almost 2 years, after touring EXTENSIVELY for about 2 years. Now they are back on the road (where they belong) and ERIC 13 happened to be in town before starting the new tour.

It was ERIC and BRIAN who started the SEX SLAVES as a fun project while they were in QUEEN V (another band that is STILL in the studio).

On this night ERIC got up and did a few solo songs and then he was joined by BRIAN and MARTY E. and that's when the magic of 2002 returned! The crowd by now had packed the place because the talk got around that it might happen and when it did, the crowd went WILD! Even KEITH, president of RADICAL RECORDS was there. RADICAL was also the original record label for the SEX SLAVES.

They STILL HAD IT and it was GREAT to see the boys having fun again like in the old days. Everyone was singing along and it showed the durability of the songs.

This was NYC ROCK'n'ROLL as only can happen in our wonderful city!

GEORGIE SEVILLE (one of the principals of the DELANCEY) has given a lot to the NYC scene over the years and I would like to say THANK YOU! Who else would give a bunch of crazy rockers the MAIN FLOOR of one of the best clubs in the city?

He has extended it by having a summer BBQ on the roof starting at 8pm on Tuesdays and even playing some old favorites along with BRIAN from 8pm until THE SCENE begins at 10pm.

NYC is the only place something like this can happen.

So come down to THE SCENE on a Tuesday. Have a burger, a dog, a brew or whatever and see who shows up to have some fun this week.

I'll see you there.