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Sept. 2, 2008


An Interview with MARKE from COM[MUTINY]


Mr. WOOD: So... you guys are a Goth party?

MARKE: Yes and no.

W: Vampyre party?

M: Sometimes, but not really.

W: Fetish party?

M: We've been called that, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it a "fetish" party per se. there are so many dynamics to that word.

W: Well, then, what the hell is it?

M: It's all of that and more. We try to capture elements of all forms of alternative lifestyles throughout the city and encourage the curious to explore. without claiming to be anything more than just a fun event.

W: OK, so, give me a visual. What am I gonna see? Hear? Expect?

M: 4 rotating djs, 1 to 2 bands, 2 burlesque performers, live video feeds, a gallery featuring an artist or 2. All of this, monthly.

W: Sounds like a lot of work.

M: Yep. But worth every bit of it. To see a room packed with imaginatively talented people, both on stage and off... awesome!

W: Wait a second. So this party is at the Delancey? On the second Sunday of the month? That was the BYTE party, wasn't it?

M: And in a sense, the same event. Changed the name. Funny thing is, 2 days after the "re-launch" (Sept. 14th), BYTE won an award for best party in 2008 from L Magazine! Ha ha ha!

W: But it was a good party. I was at a few. Why the change?

M: After 4 1/2 years it was time. Needed to alter the aesthetic a bit. BYTE had a very "electronic" foundation to it.

W: A Little!?

M: It started to get more requests for djs to spin some rock & roll, punk, metal...etc. and we pride ourselves on listening to our audience. If we were still doing BYTE, we wouldn't be in this article.

W: Good Point! So, what about the bands? I gonna think you'd add some good r&r to the roster now?

M: Absolutely. We have in the past, and it went really well... VULGARAS. HATE IN THE BOX.

W: I've worked with both of them, they're outrageous.

M: But our choices for the most part were great INDUSTRIAL and ELECTRO bands. Now we can alternate! MORE is MORE!

W: So, thus, the new name?

M: Sure. It's a play on community, for one. Every party picks an aesthetic or two and surrounds it's content with it. Music, dress codes, performances... which in a way is a community. Then one or two of the partygoers decides he/she can do it better, or different. Not realizing it begins to separate the initial collective of people. So smaller hybrids are formed. Then it happens again. Eventually each party has 5 people there!

W: And that is that where the "mutiny" part comes in?

M: Yep! A common mutiny!

W: So if I'm gonna come check out the next one, it'll be on October 12 at DELANCEY BAR?


W: Alrighty then, there you have it! The NYC music scene continues to evolve and get better in all different ways. Go out and check it out!