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Sept. 3, 2008


The Return of the DOUBLE FEATURE on August 1. 2008 at DELANCEY BAR!!!!!

RICHARD LLOYD (TELEVISION) reminded me recently, that back in the beginning at CBGB's, bands used to do 2 sets each night.

Well, that got me to thinking.

Now, I know a lot of bands, that when I go see them, they sometimes don't play some of the songs I like, but hey, you can't play 'em all.

Well, if you have 2 sets, there is more of a chance of hearing more of your favorites along with the new ones that keep coming out.

The answer is :

4 bands
1 night
2 sets each
Same $5.00 cover charge.

Fans that can't make later shows, can see the early set.

Fans that don't get out of the house till later, catch the late set.

Of course, if you can't get enough, you can see both sets and then, maybe even find out that you also like one or more of the other 3 bands.

And so on AUGUST 1, 2008, at THE DELANCEY BAR (168 Delancey St., NYC), THE DOUBLE FEATURE was born!

GEORGIE SEVILLE (mgmt. of DELANCEY BAR) was wondering whether I had gone completely mad with my "new" idea.

At 8:00pm, BODYFACE started off the night. ROGER, their drummer, was once part of KAREN CURIOUS & THE NEW PROFESSIONALS. An amazing musician, he recruited a good team that rocked well together.

It seemed like they were just getting started when they were replaced by STATE OF EMERGENCE. It also happened to be the birthday of one of their guitarists', so they were hopped up as well as their fans. This led to a rousing set of solid rock.

NOVA CLUTCH was up next and these boys are notorious for liking to rock and rock long. SCOTTY, TOMMY and GRADY rocked the house upside down with their kickass, take no prisoners, style.

By around 10:30pm, THE F-UNITS were ready to take the stage and SCOTTY B. and his boys were as intense, and tight, as ever!

GEORGIE was looking at me, like I was a genius. The bands were all amazing and he was surprised that they would even be able to do a second set that would be as good.

Special guest DJ: TOMMY LONDON (DIRTY PEARLS) kept the crowd entertained in between the bands spinning some great old and new tunes.

But 2 sets, they all did!

BODYFACE returned, followed by STATE OF EMERGENCE, NOVA CLUTCH and ending with THE F-UNITS to a packed house for most of all of the second sets!

The success of the event was appreciated by both the fans and the bands , as all of the bands gathered more new fans. And a lot of fans found that there are other good bands out there, you just have to stick around and listen.

The next one will probably be over the Christmas Holiday. Until then, when you go see a band, don't just leave when they are done, you just might miss something really, really special!

See ya around,