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Feb. 1, 2009


NYC UNPLUGGED - The Core of NYC's Best Bands
SEX SLAVES - unplugged

Back in 2002 I decided to start doing an unplugged show during the week as a way of letting bands work out new songs and show off their skills and, more importantly, their lyrics. A lot of the time the lyrics are lost in the cacophony of sound in a big club.

LACH had been doing his Anti-Folk thing for some time at SIDEWALK CAFE and it was, and is, great but I wanted the louder rockers to give it a shot and get in on the fun.

So I started doing unplugged shows at the 169 BAR down on East Broadway. The very first performer was ERIC 13. There's a short video clip of it on my website (www.mrfwood.com). QUEEN V followed, JOHN LAW, KAREN CURIOUS and many others.

It was moved to OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD shortly thereafter as the late nite part of WIND DOWN SUNDAY. Again, ERIC 13 was one of the first performers. ERIC and I even managed to get GINA VOLPE (BANTAM, LUNACHICKS) up there with an acoustic guitar that night! DANNY BIONDO's first ever solo appearance was on the same night (he immediately went to the bathroom and threw up when he left the stage).

I occasionally would do whole nights of it at the C-NOTE but when that club closed , we still had OTTO's, where it's been thriving.

Lately others (most notably BRIAN BURKE & TONI LYNN's monthly THE SCENE at DELANCEY BAR and SHAR GORGISS' UNDONE over at CORIO's on Tuesday nights) have picked up the idea and I love it! It gives the artists a chance to expand their fan base.

Now that the SEX SLAVES have moved back to NYC (where they belong), ERIC 13 has a new project he wanted to do called ERIC 13,000. It's ERIC on acoustic guitar with TIM RABY (BICYCLE DOGS)on Lap Steel and SANTO (3 OF CUPS) on harmonica and percussive toys. SUSAN MITCHELL joined them, on the fly, on that first night on electric cello and electric violin, and it was AMAZING! DEL CHEETAH (SEX SLAVES) caught one of the shows and the next time ERIC 13,000 played he joined them with his bass. JAYBOMB (the drummer for the SEX SLAVES) decided he wanted in and on January 25 it happened.

JAYBOMB got himself a little Jazz drum kit so he could join them. This whole kit could fit in the bass drum of his regular SEX SLAVE kit. The result was one of the BEST shows of the new year!

They played some old SEX SLAVES songs, tested out some new ones, a BANANA FISH ZERO favorite (FIRE), and even threw in a few country songs (getting PAM the METAL QUEEN up there to join them on "YOUR CHEATIN" HEART"), and wrapped it up with a WILD rendition of THE DOORS' "THE END"!

Overall it was an hour's worth of fun for all involved.

Starting on January 30, 2009, I will be presenting "NYC UNPLUGGED - The Core of NYC's Best Bands" at the TEN ELEVEN TAVERN (171 Avenue C, b/w East 10 & 11 Streets) on the last Friday of every month. This is a cozy little club with two rooms, couches, tables and very inexpensive drinks!

In the coming months we will be having acts like BOBBY STEELE (THE UNDEAD, MISFITS), PATTI ROTHBERG, DAN KINSLEY (THE UNPRONOUNCEABLE), MARNI RICE & Le GARAGE CABARET (MAD JUANA), SCOTTY B (F-UNITS), KAREN CURIOUS and many many more. There will be some surprises by people you would never expect to see in such a small room.

That doesn't mean it will stop at OTTO's. It won't because, there's no place like a Sunday nite at OTTO's.

S0 get out and check out the unplugged shows whether at OTTO's, TEN ELEVEN, DELANCEY BAR, CORIOS or any other place that offers them, you won't be disappointed!

See ya around,