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I'm gonna continue on my bar-hopping adventure looking for and at live venues in and around NYC!

CORIOS is a bar that's been around for a while, mostly featuring Burlesque.

But lately, on Tuesday nights, it has been having a really good unplugged nite of music. It's called UNDONE and it is promoted and booked by SHAR GORGIIS.

She has been doing a GREAT job of getting some of NYC's best musicians and bands to strip down and play unplugged. The club is ultra comfortable and they always have some sort of drink specials that make the trip to Soho a little easier. I recently caught the HUDSON DUSTERS there and they violated the rules by just doing their regular, LOUD, set, but noone seemed to mind.

CORIOS is located on West Broadway and Grand Street in NYC and the fun starts around 7:30pm.

Next up is CRASH MANSION. WOW! This place has great sight lines, an awesome sound system, light system and video screens all over the club showing the stage, so that even if you're at the bar you can see the stage! The drinks are a little pricey but they have to pay their rent somehow cause this is a pretty big club, There is an upstairs but I didn't bother going in because the dance "music" forced me back into the basement.

I caught the LONDON SOULS there on the night I went and they were FANTASTIC! They have a solid rocking sound that will have you up and dancing and having a good time before your first drink is done. Next up were THE DIRTY PEARLS, who were filming a show for FEARLESS TV. Marty E. wasn't pleased that they plexiglassed in the drum kit, so he couldn't get close to his many adoring fans (but it kept him safe from their prying hands)!

CRASH MANSION is on BOWERY, right near Spring Street.

Next I went to OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD (538 East 14th Street, NYC) which is my favorite bar for many reasons (one of which is that it is my home base as I do shows there every Sunday and work security there).

The thing about OTTO's is that they have just about something for everyone on different nights and all those different kind of someones go and interact with the others giving it a fun friendly atmosphere.

I'm writing about a twice monthly event that happens every 2nd and 4th Wednesday. it's called COPYCAT and DJ XEROX runs it. They usually have at least 2 bands and sometimes a guest DJ or 2. The premise is that it's a night of covers. The DJs play nothing but covers and the bands have to do at least 1/2 set of covers. The night I'm reviewing was also DJ XEROX's Birthday celebration and the theme was DEVO! That's rigt, DEVO! in honor of the band they handed out a bunch of haz-mat jumpsuits for people to wear. One of the bands that night were THE ARKHAMS. This was a weird because THE ARKHAMS are one of the BEST Rock-a-Billy bands in NYC and they were doing DEVO, covers in their own special way. It was WILD! Sometimes they have theme nights bvut either way it's always a lot of fun.

So off I go to hit some more bars and do some shows and I'll write something for the next issue.

See ya at the bar,