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NY WASTE CD Release Party
“WE’RE ALL WASTED” CD Compilation

FINALLY! The day arrived for the CD Release party from the NY WASTE’ CD Compilation- “WE’RE ALL WASTED!” There were those out there that doubted THE WASTE could really pull it together and get out ANY CD, much less one with this stellar a line-up . The Release party was held at one of the best (of too few) Rock’n’Roll bars left in NYC – THE TRASH BAR in Brooklyn on Saturday July 18th.

FRANK WOOD (disclaimer: that’s me) was the MC for the evening, as he is on the CD (as well as LANI FORD /STARK and MARK AFTER DARK/multi-media journalist). The evening started as self-proclaimed “Musical, Entertainment God” BILLY MAGEE! He closes out the CD but in true NY WASTE fashion, he led off the show with a strong acoustic set with some wildly punk lyrics and great melodies. HONAH LEE from South Jersey were next with a similar style but with a full band pushing it along.

FEAR THE STATE came down from their recording studio in Connecticut to throw the crowd into a hard rocking mode to be followed by THE BULLYS (NYC’s Toughest Band”). Cruising thru a rapid fire set of punk rock that had everyone bouncing off the walls dancing and having a good time.

JOHN LAW was back from California to lead the STATUES OF LIBERTY on their summer tour which included just two, scheduled, NYC shows (and one surprise one)! They were in prime form mixing in some old BANANA FISH ZERO favorites with new SOL favorites!

Some Bands are aptly named and the BEANTOWN BOOZEHOUNDS are one of them. These guys were there early and stayed late and lived up to their names. Playing a nheavily alcohol infused set of punk rock that would be hard to replicate.

PAT HARRINGTON (GAGGLEOF COCKS/SLUNT) was barely only a few weeks from back surgery but bravely took the stage and blew through an AWESOME set of the heaviest metal you are ever gonna hear. CRYTKEEPER 5 did a rocking set that I missed ‘cause I was busy smoking a cigar out front but I made it back in time to see the resurrection of HONOR AMONG THIEVES.

HONOR AMONG THIEVES was not on the CD because they hadn’t quite put the finishing on their band. But with their new singer, MAURICE, they tore through a set of fantastic new songs that made me remark after their set - “CHEROKEE who?” MAURICE was all over the stage in true rockstar mode and the crowd ate him up.

THE PARTY DEATH (also not on the CD) closed out the night with a glam metal set that was highly energetic.

There a 16 bands on the CD that were given away for FREE at the show and selec ted spots around NYC and beyond. Hopefully you got yours cause they are completely given out!

The next NY WASTE CD is already in the works and I for one will be eagerly awaiting it!

See ya around,