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The 2009 "10 DAYS OF WOOD!"
FRANK WOOD's Birthday Celebration

Well, I made it again.

10 Shows in 10 Days at 6 Different Clubs with over 70 Bands and DJs.

The ANTI-cmj Festival.

More like some C.I.A. experiment on Major Alcohol Abuse combined with Sleep Deprivation and LOUD Rock'n'Roll, gone hideously wrong!

THANK YOU for making this year's Birthday Celebration a GREAT Party!

Friday, 11/6/9.

We started the night with THUCYDIDEAN THEORY followed by the band V. VICTORIA now has JOSETTE (EROCKTICA) on guitar and SEBASTIAN (HONOR AMONG THIEVES) on bass and it sounded great.

THE CRINGE were next 'til MANDY LEMONS & Co. jumped up and stole the stage. MANDY, with STURGIS NIKIDES (JOHN CALE BAND) on guitar, blasted the roof up!

Then the "house" band, HONOR AMONG THIEVES, took the stage and MAURICE was in "Rockstar" mode. They plowed thru their set with ferocity!

SWEAR ON YOUR LIFE was up next and MILITA's pipes are as strong as ever.

For something completely different, the RockaPsychobilly TOMBSTONE BRAWLERS were next and soon everyone was dancing.

Boston-based BEANTOWN BOOZEHOUNDS closed out the night and were surprisingly lucid considering how long they were at the bar!

DJ RIK ROCKET kept everyone happy between the bands so everything went pretty smoothly.

Saturday, 11/7/9


My good friend UNSTEADY FREDDIE (The ED SULLIVAN of Surf) was happy to share his Surf nite with me (The first Saturday of every month is Surf nite at OTTO's).

Starting with ULTRATORQUED and following with BONGO SURF, COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION and HANG DADDY the crowd was waiting for the arrival of THE TARANTINOS NYC and their long awaited CD Release party. They played most of the songs from the CD and it's fantastic. Pick it up as soon as you can.

Then the Reunion of EL MUCHACHO. The boys took a break for about 6 months but I asked them to play, so they did! Joined by Go-Go Dancer SANGRE MARIA MUCHACHA, and a sax player, it was worth waiting for. Hopefully they will be doing more shows soon.

Sunday, November 8

DEEP INTENT led off the night with some soulful grooves and and METAL JOHN continued the party after them.KING SEXY followed with some garage rock. FLACK BLAMINGO with REW, BILLY FICCA (TELEVISION) and Mr. WOLFE rocked out next with METAL JOHN doing his thing after them.

The house band at OTTO's for November were the HUDSON DUSTERS and these old guys make it look easy. WILD BILL THOMPSON(THE SENDERS)'s guitar was wailing and DANNY RAY(MAD JUANA)'s sax kept pushing him further. KEVIN SHAW(BMT's) on bass and BILL TELLO on drumms are a driving rhythm section that most bands would kill for and JOHN COLLINS(THE TERRORISTS) belted the tunes out despite the heavy alcohol consumption they were all(except KEVIN) partaking of.

PARANOID LARRY & HIS IMAGINARY BAND had the crowd going wild until SATAN made an appearance to introduce STARK. LANI FORD, along with JOE HOGAN and ERIC, whipped through a highly intense set that made SATAN proud.

PATTI ROTHBERG calmed the crowd down with a kick-ass acoustic set that led into GEORGE CRISIS and TINA's acoustic, angry punk explosion!

Monday, November 9

This was an unplugged night, meaning no drums allowed (damn neighbors!). I managed to sneak some in anyway.

KATZU led off the night with a Japanese take on the Blues with BILL POPP & THE TAPES adding their POPP rock to the mix. HUSSY followed with a solo set.

Traditional Japanese folk music was next on the menu with MIYARABI followed by the acoustic rock of BLONDE & BLUE. LUIGI BABE & ALL DOLLED UP threw some Boop-oop-e-Doop into the evening, leading into 2 more acoustic rockers, AMANDA WHITE and ASH GRAY. A relaxing evening overall.

Day 5
November 10

SANTOS PARTY HOUSE is one of the newest clubs in a town where clubs close faster than they open. There are 2 floors. The main floor has a sound system that puts most of the clubs around to shame. We were in the "cellar", as someone called it that night.

The JUS EVOLUTION's funkafied rock got the night off jumping! Just back from a European tour, these guys showed everyone here in NYC why they went over so well in Europe. KUNG FURY added their rock'n'roll to the mix when they came on and then SHIRAGIRL brought back some hip-hop/rock/funk.

With two members of the CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL as part of the band, you just knew they were gonna rock and rock they sure did! TONY WOLFMAN was a madman on the drums and LORD ROADKILL(CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL) was right on the bass. ASH GRAY joined the She Wolf herself, DONNA LUPE(CYCLE SLUTS FROM HELL), in some wild guitar exchanges that was blowing people away.

Original TOILET BOY, MISS GUY, led GOON SQUAD through a very visceral performance that had DEBBIE HARRY enthralled as she watched them. Half of the band consisted of former members of DADDY(LAUREL and MATT), NY band scene regulars for years.

DJ TONI LYNN(VOLUPTUOS HORROR OF KAREN BLACK) kept the crowd moving until MAD JUANA bounded on stage, and from the first few notes the crowd was dancing about like drunken gypsies!

Featuring the vocal styling of KARMEN GUY and musical driving of SAMI YAFFA(HANOI ROCKS, NY DOLLS), this band does the whole gypsy/funk/punk rocker thing to a higher level than most people are used to.

DANNY RAY(HUDSON DUSTERS)'s saxaphone mixes wildly with MARNIE RICE(Le GARAGE CABARET)'s accordion and BRIAN's trumpet to create a crowd of whirling dervishes. New bass player fit in quite well with drummer PAUL who ha d just flown in to town for this show!

Wednesday, November 11

My actual birthday was celebrated by a band that broke up almost 2 years ago and agreed to reunite for just my birthday show, only! THE UNPRONOUNCE played like they hadn't stopped. For those of you who may never see them again (there's always next year) these guys are the Brothers BEEFALO. CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOO BEEFALO the drummer backs up CHIP BEEFALO, CHET BEEFALO and JORGE BEEFALO, all of which take turns playing an upright bass. When not playing bass the other two play guitars. They were AWESOME and had a packed house screaming for more.

CHEAP SUNGLASSEZZ were a ZZ TP cover band, after all, it was a COPYCAT NIGHT. The 2nd and 4th Weds. of every month is COPYCAT NIGHT, which means the DJ (DJ XEROX) only plays covers and the bands that play have to play at least 1/2 a set of covers. There is also a theme for each show.

November 12

MEGHAN WOLF MUSIC started off the night and was followed by KREISOR, Japanese rockers GORO, and then, the annual appearance of THE SLAGS! It seems these guys only play at THE 10 :DAYS OF WOOD!" shows. The intensity of JOE HOGAN(ROARFIEND)'s guitar work combined with the maniacal drumming of TEXAS CLAMP(BANANA FISH ZERO) and the demonic bass of DANNY BIONDO(DANNY's DEVIL's BLUES) led to the crowd being primed for the arrival of CRACULA NYC. This was just PETE(BANTAM) on drums and JOE on bass. Together they put out a wall of sound thay was knocking people over more than bands that have twice as many members.

PANZIE was up next and if you read the Halloween issue of the NY WASTE you saw a great interview with them and here was a chance to see the real deal.

THE PHEROMONES came in from SAN DIEGO and had a bevy of beauties up and dancing for the rest of the night as DJ JETTE continued the madness til the end.

Friday the 13th

GO KAT GO kicked off this night with there pop rock tunes followed by more of the same by SMOOCH who were featured in a NY WASTE interview a couple of issues ago.

Lead singer MIKE of ODD ZERO bounced around on stage and off as a prelude to the funny rock of SO SO HUMAN.

Lower East side legend DAVID PEEL took the stage with his band of wild hippie rockers, DAVID PEEL & THE LOWER EAST SIDE, and the crowd were totaly taken off guard.

Another legend followed as THE UNDEAD featuring BOBBY STEELE (MISFITS) took the stage. With a powerful rhythm section consisting of HITOMI (STATUES OF LIBERTY) on drums and HIROMU (NACK CC's) on bass, THE UNDEAD whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

BOSTON ROCKERS DEMONS ALLEY came down to help celebrate as well as Albany rockers THE EROTICS.

CHARLIE & THE CRYBABIES ended the night with some rockabilly swing as DJ PAT PERVERT segued seamlessly from one band to the other all night long.

November 14

The angelic voice of JIIN CHRISTOU led off the night and BILLY MAGEE followed with his quirky Jersey style rock. THE BOWERY BOYS led into GIRL TO GORILLA, HARRIS TRUCKS, STURGIS NIKIDES GROUP, BLACK CAT ELLIOT, THE VONDELLS and finally THE BAMBI KILLERS, who shocked the crowd with their chainsaw antics. It was almost done. 9 down and 1 to go.

DAY 10
November 15

The 10 DAYS ended back at my home base, OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD, the BEST little Dive, Rock'n'Roll Tiki Bar in the world!

THE BLUE SHADOW DOGS had to cancel when lead singer KURT couldn't make it (whipping sound - cra-a-a-a-ack!) and that's how LOS TRES MIGUELITOS were spawned. CATSPAW brought their rockabilly fun to the party before old friends and favorites, F.P. TOZ cane for the party.

ROMAN & THE HEARD brought young guitar wiz WILL KISS for his last show before entering Marine boot camp. Watch those fingers, it would be a sin if they got messed up.

The HUDSON DUSTERS were on as usual and the crowd was going nuts and the LOVE PIRATES kept them that way.

KEVIN DAVIS slowed things down with an acoustic set vbefore a very special "SOFA KING" WILDE JAM that featured JOFF WILSON (BOWERY BOYS) joined by PAULIE (DATURA) and a surprise appearance by bass playing Dr. MARY! It was a very improvisational blues jam were everone just took turns going off.

I made it!

54 and counting.

THANK YOU to eveyone who came to the shows, the bands that played the shows and the clubs that let me put on the shows.


The pics will be up on my website soon (there are over 900 I have to go over!

See ya at the next show.