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CUSIMANO, IMPERIOLI, CONTE & WOOD were just some of the Italians gathered on Friday, January 15th to ROCK'n'ROLL at the TRASH BAR in Brooklyn.

GOOMBA-PALOOZA is what JOHN CUSIMANO called this night of GREAT Rock'n'Roll.

GRUB ANIMAL is a new wave rock group, with a Q-CHORD playing Female Lead Singer (That's a musical instrument you perverts!), that has some catchy tunes that'll have you up and moving around. By the time they were finished the room was more than half-filled.

Bass player for the NEW YORK JUNK, CYNTHIA, was celebrating her birthday that night and her band was next. A bunch of her friends popped up from her days playing in THE B-GIRLS to help spark up the room.

The aforementioned JOHN CUSIMANO led his band, THE CRINGE, to the stage where they proceeded to keep the party jumping. His wife, RACHEAL RAY, was just one of the many people who filled the room during their set of classic rock. When STEVE CONTE from the NEW YORK DOLLS jumped up, grabbed JOHN's guitar and started to play with the band, the place went nuts.

Next up was La DOLCE VITA which featured MICHAEL IMPERIOLI (SOPRANOS, LIFE ON MARS & ...) on guitar. Those who were expecting an actor with a band were put in their place as he led his band thru a blistering set. Midway through the set, half of the power went out to the stage. The only thing left were the drums and guitar. No bass. No vocals. NOTHING! Except for MICHAEL continuing on and trying to sing loud enough to be heard above the amp and drums. I know a lot of bands that would've stopped right there but he kept going!

In his Red Suede Boots, STEVE CONTE led his band, STEVE CONTE & THE CRAZY TRUTH, onstage to propel the crowd even more. And after ripping thru a mean set, he finally agreed to do a song that he plays with his day job (NEW YORK DOLLS) as an encore.

Ahh, the only thing missing was a pot of pasta and sauce!

Dessert came in the form of THE BAMBI KILLERS! The DUPREE sisters (TANYA, DAWN and MEGHAN) proceeded to tantalize, shock, arouse and confuse the crowd, all at the same time! TANYA's old cast mate from LIFE ON MARS, MICHAEL, stuck around, as he had never seen her band before. He LOVED IT!

KREISOR had to follow the girls and were just getting into a groove when the stage gremlins struck for a second time that night. Apparently something wasn't working and to fix it would've been too time-consuming. The night ended and the place was still packed.

A lot of friends came out and made new friends and it was just...

A Brooklyn kinda nite!


See ya around,