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NEW YORK WASTE, Summer 2010


For the past 10 years on the date of JOEY RAMONE's birth his brother, MICKEY LEIGH, has organized a show that benefits cancer victims.

The show last year left something to be desired and every year it is pondered whether that year's show will be the last. Luckily last year's wasn't because this year was one to be cherished.

Please excuse any misspellings or lapses or omissions that may occur in the following article as occasionally I had to urinate, smoke and/or imbibe more fluids!

This year the show was at THE FILLMORE (IRVING PLAZA), same as the past few years. Down the block from the old ACADEMY OF MUSIC/PALLADIUM and a dozen blocks or so from long gone meccas CBGB's and the Original FILLMORE EAST1 CONTINENTAL is still here but it doesn't do live music anymore, the way it used to.

STARTING off the night was HEAP, a hard driving rock'n'roll band that has become a NY WASTE favorite over the years. SPANKING CHARLENE followed with a fun set and it was easy to see why they had won LITTLE STEVEN's GOLDIE's GARAGE contest this year.

THE INDEPENDENTS followed with a rollicking set which led to the reunion of the SICK FUCKS! Dressed as they used to be back in the day (nun's habits, priest's frocks, viking hats and tutus) they did a high spirited set. At one point TISH & SNOOKY did a Las Vegas lounge version of BLITZKRIEG BOP which was stopped after one verse and reverted to the regular 3 chords and a cloud of dust version we all know and love.

MORNINGWOOD was up next and were, to me, the only disappointment of the evening, but hey, I wanted to schmooze and smoke a cigar, so they did serve a purpose of sorts.

HANK WILLIAMS III was supposed to play but had to cancel because of illness but they managed to get H.R. from BAD BRAINS to replace him and WOW! Holding a big blue bath towel on his head for most of his set, H.R. and his band grooved thru a bunch of reggae-themed punk that was AMAZING!

JESSE MALIN and his band THE SAINT MARK's SOCIAL were next and they had the place up and dancing. This band that JESSE put together kicks ass and have fun in the process. Check them out when you get a chance.

Then it was time for the REAL FUN to start. JOEY's Birthday Jam!

It started with RICHIE RAMONE singing a few songs backed by the house band consisting of WALT STACK (BULLYS) on guitar, DAVID MERK on bass, ROSS "THE BOSS" (DICTATORS) on drums and AL KHANI and ED STASIUM on guitars.

After a few songs RICHIE replaced ROSS and his illuminated-tip drumsticks as GEORGE TABB (FURIOUS GEORGE) sang a song. CHEETAH CHROME (DEAD BOYS) came out and played guitar for a few songs followed by WALTER LURE (HEARTBREAKERS) on vocals for a GREAT version of CHINESE ROCKS! JOHNNY ROCKER (I think I may have gotten his name wrong) came out to play some guitar as JOEY's brother MICKEY LEIGH came out to sing some songs.

Somewhere along the way ARNO HECHT came out with his saxaphone to join the fun. HOLLY BETH VINCENT (HOLLY & THE ITALIANS) came out with AMY STASIUM for a few songs before it was time to raffle off the guitar. The voluptuous MISS DEBRA picked out the lucky ticket and the guy who won was more interested in her breasts than the guitar he won. IVAN JULIAN (VOIDOIDS) also popped up to play some guitar.

Somewhere along the way MICKEY grabbed some kids who were teenagers from the crowd and brought them on stage to dance for a song. One kid was about 17 and he knew the words to the songs better than I did. And he wasn't even born when they came out!

That just goes to show that JOEY RAMONE still LIVES and has meaning in our lives! And they said PUNK would never last! Eat shit Disco! We'll be rocking 'til we die and then some.

WXRP (101.9) helped sponsor the show, as well as the NY WASTE, and others, and they had a bunch of different announcers to help move the show along with some videos and pictures on the big screen that dropped from the ceiling between bands. In a day where most regular radio sucks, WXRP is one of the few stations left where you can hear some of the old stuff along with some of the new stuff that isn't even signed yet!

I can't wait to see what MICKEY comes up with next year.