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So another summer comes and goes and all that's left are the memories!


There was so much stuff to do (and I did do a lot of it) it was hard trying to figure out what to write about. So I narrowed it down to a Fabulous Five!

We'll start with June 22nd. It was an ordinary Tuesday night and who shows up at TRASH BAR? ERIC !3 of the SEX SLAVES, and he brought some friends with him! Starting with his acoustic guitar he was soon joined by TIM RABY (BICYCLE DOGS) and then DEL CHEETAH (SEX SLAVES). Next thing you know, AARON and BEBE from the TRASH BAR jumped up on stage with them and the night turns out pretty good.

AH! The summer begins! MERMAID PARADE and 4th of July were awesome as usual but I didn't get any pictures of either.

July 11th was DENTON ANDERSON and LANI FORD's Birthday Celebration and it was held at OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD. The party started with 3 THE HARD WAY and METAL JOHN leading up to GONCULATOR. These boys from Rochester are young and full of energy! They are a lot of fun and remind me of the STATUES OF LIBERTY with their wry lyrics and quirky tunes. They had the place up and dancing. Check them out next time they come to town. This led to the debut of the new GRANDE line-up. PAM the MATAL QUEEN still has WIGGY in the band but he has moved up to guitar and the boy can shred. He's been replaced behind the kit by an old friend, TEXAS CLAMP (BANANA FISH ZERO). Together with SEBASTIAN (HONOR AMONG THIEVES) on bass, these two drive the band on so much that a second guitar has been added to the line-up: FERNANDO (SUPERVILLIAN)! Now PAM can really let loose and show all the pretenders who really IS the METAL QUEEN! KING BEE & THE STINGERS featuring BUDDY BOWZER (NY DOLLS, JOHNNY THUNDERS' HEARTBREAKERS) on sax and SCHEEBO (THE STILLETTOS) on drums, had to follow them and the old boys showed they haven't lost a step over the years. FRANK WOOD & HIS NYC ALL-STARS BAND were next and still need some work. (Full Disclosure: I am in this band). Then STARK took over, Birthday Girl LANI FORD's band. LANI was awaiting surgery for her wrist so she was able to get FERNANDO to play bass for her as she sang. That's right the same FERNANDO that played guitar with GRANDE, was now back to play bass wirh STARK> And play he did, what with SONIC JOE HOGAN (ROARFIEND) ripping away on guitar and MATT on drums, STARK went from 0 to 60 in under 8 notes! Then ERIC 13 came in with his acoustic set and was joined by TIM RABY, FRANK WOOD (me), PAM the MATAL QUEEN and LUNDO for a few more songs to put the night to rest.

A Boat Cruise aboard the TEMPTRESS was held on July 17th and they had 2 bands for the "3 Hour Tour"! The DURTY PEARLS led off the night and before long JOHNNY B./guitar, DOUGIE WRIGHT/bass and TOMMY MOKAS/guitar had their shirts off, as it was hot as hell in the band area. TOMMY LONDON/vocals and MARTY E./drums managed to keep their on. They were followed by headliner JESSE MALIN & THE ST. MARKS SOCIAL. JESSE was in the band D GENERATION but most people know him as the owner of such clubs as CONEY ISLAND HIGH, NIAGRA, THE CABIN, BOWERY ELECTRIC and ?. He's been touring Europe in support of his new CD and his band was tight as hell! TODD YOTH (MURPHYS LAW, D GENERATION) handled the lead guitar with JOHNNY MARTIN on bass and TY SMITH on drums and ALAN FOX handling the keys and etc. percussion. They rocked the boat and the crowd was up and dancing from the very first song. On top of it all, they had JIMMY GESTAPO from MURPHYS LAW as the Guest DJ. And no one got thrown overboard!

(Little aside here: The CRO-MAGS had their boat cruise cancelled by the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard also cancelled the cruise to celebrate JIMMY G's B-Day with MURPHY'S LAW.)

When you add 1 part NY DOLLS, with 1 part DEAD BOYS and throw in a little of JOAN JETT's BLACKHEARTS and THE CULT what you get is BATUSI. That's what happened when old friends SYLVAIN SYLVAIN and CHEETAH CHROME decide to have some fun and put a little side project together. They did the show in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at CLUB EUROPA on 7/23/10. SISTER ANNE opened the show and almost stole it away. The presence of their lead singer KITANA and her powerful band really rocked the house. PIONEERS oOF SEDUCTION was the bridge to BATUSI and they were fun but we came for the old guys (I should talk). RICHARD LLOYD was there to see his old ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS buddy CHEETAH as were a lot of others. SEAN KOOS (BLACKHEARTS) on bass and LES WARNER (CULT) on drums were the driving force between the twin guitar attack of CHEETAH and SYLVAIN. They played some old NY DOLLS stuff as well as some old DEAD BOYS stuff and they even played some new stuff they had written for this little project and the crowd loved it all!

The STATUES OF LIBERTY only had 1 NYC show scheduled for this summer and I had to work on that day. But the week before, 8/7/10, LUNDO and I jumped into his 1972 ELDORADO Convertible and made a foray out to the deep dark backwoods of NJ (Pompton Lakes). It was well worth the trip! we caught most of HONAH LEE's set but missed BILLY MAGEE's. HONAH LEE covered the STATUES' "SEX & CIGARETTES" and added some nice back up vocals to it. Then the STATUES came out and did the same song in the Original fashion and they compared nicely. It wasn't that crowded and the STATUES played for way over an hour so the crowd was treated to just about all of their favorites. Well, not really, but the set was twice as long as what they played the next week at ARLENES GROCERY (I was told). They even broke out 2 new songs!

There was some sad news. VICKERS "BASTARD" GRINGO passed away in his sleep after performing with his band, DEUCE & A QUARTER at TRASH BAR. He was a multi-dimensional talent and a good friend. He will be missed.

There's still some summer left and I haven't melted away, yet, so I'm gonna go check out some more shows this way I'll have something to write about next issue.

There are more pictures of these shows in the photo section of my website.

See ya next time,