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NEW YORK WASTE, Halloween 2010

- There are Bars and Things To Do EVERYWHERE in NYC!



After starting off Sept. with the 3 day MAX's KANSAS CITY ALUMNI REUNION shows, I decided to relax for a bit. Then I decided, FUCK staying home, I'm going out.

It started innocently enough. HIGH TEEN BOOGIE was doing a show at Trash Bar on Sat., Sept. 25 before YUKA (guitarist) moves away. Sort of a Going away, Maybe not, We'll see, type of show. It's around the corner from my house, I won't stay out late.

With HITOMI (STATUES OF LIBERTY) rumbling the drums and NONLEE running rampant with the bass, the band was in fine form and even brought out KEIKO (WUSSY) for a second guitar. ASTOUNDING Punk Rock'n'Roll! Hopefully YUKA won't be gone long. Got home late.

A few nights later (9/29), I was just gonna stop by and see SHIRAGIRL at Trash and call it a Wednesday. Turns out it was a WENDIGO Production. WENDIGO is a music/promotion company that WENDY, SUPERMORGAN and QUIGLEY have formed. These guys put on some GREAT shows. The (former DIRTY) F-BOMB parties on the last Saturday of every month at DELANCY BAR are one of their shows. Another unintended (but not unwelcome) late night.

The next day, Thursday (9/30), I went to go look at an apartment on East 12th street. I knew some friends of mine (DIRTY & NAUGHTY and S.W.A.K.) were playing at BOWERY ELECTRIC, so I stopped by OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD for a quick one for the road. Being as it was the Last Thursday of the Month that meant that SUSQUEHANNA INDUSTRIAL TOOL & DIE were playing. These guys deliver BALLADS, BOOGIE and BLUES. Dressed as respectable, well to do country gentlemen these boys will have you rocking in no time. Lead singer MICHAEL McMAHON (who bares an uncanny resemblance to JON WATERS) with his guitar and vocals leads GARTH POWELL on the Stand-up Bass and JON HAMMER on the other guitar deliver some fun lyrics with solid musicianship for a fun time for all. They also play at the RODEO BAR on the Second Wednesday of Every month. (If you go to one of those shows bring your appetite 'cause the food is OUTRAGEOUS!) DAMN, I'm running late (there's that word again).

So I make my way over to BOWERY ELECTRIC in time to catch DIRTY & NAUGHTY. This band has MIKE LINN (GRAVEYARD SLUT, BLUE SHADOW DOGS &...) on drums and KEVIN SHAW (HUDSON DUSTERS, BMTs) on bass, with GASS WILD (LOVE PIRATES) and KURT (BLUE SHADOW DOGS) on guitars. They all take turns singing, so there's no fighting.

But wait this is a LISA LUSH (DIRTY SHAMES) Show! That means this is gonna be A SHOW! These guys were followed by indie band FRESH HEARTS and then the Psychedelic rock of WHOOPING CRANE.

S.W.A.K. (SEALED WITH A KISS) were up next and these young guys can rock. LUCKY LAWLOR commented that these guys look like they were in a NYC Rock'n'Roll Band! And the are! STEVE on bass and DREW on drums drive hard and steady as SYD rips through with some dirty NYC 70's era rock'n'roll leads. That's why they are playing at SANTOS PARTY HOUSE on Nov. 9th. (note: One of my B-day Shows; Day 5 of 10).

BORN LOOSE played their usual drunken sloppy style of rock that makes them loved by some and detested by others. LABRETTA SUEDE and THE MOTEL 6 closed out the nigt with some good, crisp rock-a-billy fun! LABRETTA SUEDE is very SCARLET O'HARA ish in her delivery and style. Her band was made up of SEANZI on drums, MAX on bass and JOHNNY on guitar. SEANZI was a late replacement but this band rocked like they were together for years. Over-all, another late night!

I try not to go out the night before I have to do a show with my band (FRANK WOOD & HIS NYC ALL-STARS BAND) because I know me and I will be out late, no matter the intentions. I do need to have to have some sort of vocal projection to do that. Coming in at 7:00am is not good for that.

The Plan: Late lunch with an very good friend.

The Result: Because of the rain it was a YANKEES/REDSOX DOUBLE HEADER on TV that day. Game 1 was on at 4:00pm. We were at the RIVIERA on 7th Ave and West 4th st. We couldn't leave in the middle of the game, but definitely after it.

He proceeds to go home, it's only 8:30pm. I'm good. I'll be home in no time.

OH! OH! I'm passing DOWN THE HATCH a great bar owned by some friends of mine that pulls a decidedly college crowd but I spot TOMMY MOKAS (DIRTY PEARLS, NOVA CLUTCH) walking in. Turns out he was DJing that night and look who's behind the bar another DIRTY PEARLS, lead singer TOMMY LONDON. It's BEGUN!

Seems that my friends that own DOWN THE HATCH, just opened a new bar right next to the McDONALD's and West 3rd Street. The manager was outside, another old friend and it was in there for a couple.

Got out and rambled down MacDOUGAL Street and OFF THE WAGON is right there. OTW is owned by the same guys that own the 2 previous bars and the head of all their security was standing outside as I attempted to pass by. Didn't happen. Got dragged in for a few more.

Left there and headed to the train and I happen to see the manager of KENNY's CASTAWAYS in front of - KENNY's CASTAWAYS! He bends my ears and fills me with a few beers while we talk about when I'm gonna do another show there.

I'm outta there after 2 more beers and I manage to pass 3 more clubs where I know either the owners or the managers, IN ONE BLOCK! DAMN Bleeker Street! None of them were outside!

I'm almost to the train, but I forgot to use the bathroom in my haste to try and get home. Alas, 45 BLEEKER STREET is right here. It's a theater were I work as Security. No problem, I'll pop in and out real quick. I happened to walk in on the Preview of THE DEEP THROAT SCANDAL. This is a play about the famous movie that cost $25,000 to make and became the BIGGEST Money making "ADULT FILM" of all time with the subsequent arrests and INFAMOUS FIRST AMENDMENT TRIAL. It took me back to when it happened and I was in college which led to drinking beer and watching a play. You should go see this play it's both Funny and Informative. We are FIRM BELIEVERS in the FIRST AMENDMENT here at the NY WASTE. It's a nice date night type thing instead of clubs, bars, etc...

OK, so I manage to get to the train and I'm off the train but I gotta use the bathroom again and 'lo and behold! The Trash bar is there and I am free to urinate and down a few more beers. I get out of there but the next thing I know I'm leaving BRUAR FALLS and it's daylight.

Just another Saturday night in NYC.

There was a DADDLY LONG LEGGS show at BRUAR FALLS on 10/6 along with EDISON ROCKET TRAIN and this other band from England called TURBOGEIST. EDISON is and old friend and his sometimes Theramin/guitar-driven rock is wild! Add to that DADDY LONG LEGS with the harmonica blowing BRIAN HURD along with guitarist MURAT AKTURK and Drummer JOSH STYLES and you have another great night of Rock'n'Roll. I find out from the paper that the British Kid from TURBGEIST I was talking to was MICK JAGGER's kid. I guess his sister not only got the looks, but she snatched the talent, too! No, the kid's all right but let's just say it's not my style of music.

Finally, I'm sitting back on a casual Saturday (10/9) afternoon, around 6:00pm and I get a phone call. It's TANYA DUPREE from the BAMBI KILLERS. Seems she took a weekend off from CBS' TV Show THE DEFENDERS with JIM BELUSHI and JERRY MACDONALD Ch 2, Weds., 10pm, eastern) to come back East to do a UFO convention in Philly and being as she was still with DAWN DUPREE and MEGAN DUPREE in the LUNDORADO coming back to NYC and could I get them a show? THAT NIGHT? In NYC? She's headed back to L.A. on Sunday.

15 minutes later I call her back to inform her that THE BAMBI KILLERS are scheduled for OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD for that night, 10:30pm!

By the time they went on, OTTO's back room was packed with people ranging from her TV friends (DEAN WINTERS/OZ) to other NYC rockers (SEBASTIAN - HONOR AMONG THIEVES, GRANDE) to local comedians and everything in between.

While they were performing I get a call and find out I'm needed to work security at DOUBLE DOWN SALOON over on Avenue A.

No rest for the wicked!

I will try to get some rest until it's time for the OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD 8th Anniversary party on 10/23. Then HALLOWEEN is on a Sunday this year, so OTTO's will be interesting!

All leading up to THE 10 DAYS OF WOOD! My Birthday Celebration. Starting Nov 5th at KNITTING FACTORY until Nov. 14th at OTTO's.

10 SHOWS, 10 DAYS, 5 VENUES, Over 65 BANDS, from 4 CONTINENTS.

See you around town,