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NEW YORK WASTE, December 2010

"THE 10 DAYS OF WOOD" 2010
How I Turned 55 and Continued To Survive!


It was the middle of September and I had all the locations and 80% of the bands booked for this year's Birthday Celebration - "THE 10 DAYS OF WOOD!" Things were looking good. I even started working in a restaurant that was opened by some people I know. It was supposed to open in July but it eventually opened in October.

Anyway, one month before the 1st show was to occur at TRASH BAR there was a misunderstanding and I had to find a new location for Day 1. A Friday night, in NYC, with a month to go, this was gonna be tough. 3 days later I managed to pull a rabbit out of my hat. The KNITTING FACTORY said I could do Day 1 (11/5/10) at their establishment. GREAT! Problem solved.

On Sunday, Oct. 24, 2 weeks before the 10 DoW were to begin, there was an electrical fire in the back room of OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD. It destroyed the stage area of the back room and closed the bar. PHILLIPPE de BUCKETTE survived but was found cowering in a corner, naked and a little singed. (He's OK now!) With GREAT determination, and help from countless friends, the front room was cleaned up and repainted and open WITHIN A WEEK! The back room was gonna need more work. At least a month's worth. That means I had to find locations for 4 of the 10 DoW and also all my Sundays until December, including HALLOWEEN which was a week away!

Let's see. I need a bar, with a stage, sound system and a back line that has nothing going on on HALLOWEEN. Yeah, right. Almost!

I made a few calls and within 2 days I found a spot for 3 of the 4 days of the 10 DoW and the rest of the Sundays AND for HALLOWEEN! PORT 41 and promoter OZZIE NECROMANCER and owner DAVE came through and said I could do the shows there, except for the Saturday show (11/6/10). BINGO! We're back on track for a great party.

Then on October 28th SANTOS PARTY HOUSE got raided by the Police and closed down. It just so happens Day 5 of the 10 DoW was to be held at, where else, SANTOS PARTY HOUSE. After a few days of hoping the city would relent it was determined that I needed to find a location for the Tuesday night show on 11/9/10. Back to the phones and the rolodex.

DELANCEY BAR, where I already had lined up Days 4, 7 and 8 in formed me that all they had on the 9th was 1 band and that if I wanted to start at 8:30pm, I could do the show there. I said sure! 2 bands decided they didn't want to change location, so we went with just 5 bands.

While I was on the phone with DELANCEY BAR, I asked what they had for Wednesday night (11/10/10) and they said they had Burlesque but they could move that upstairs if I wanted to do downstairs. I jumped on it

It is now November 2nd and I still needed a place for Saturday, Day 2 of the 10 DoW (11/6/10). This was also the UNSTEADY WOOD BEACH BALL, an all surf night. I was ready to just do it in the front room of OTTO's with DJs from each scheduled band instead of live bands. STEVE (OTTO's owner) said that was a good idea. We also decided we needed to do a Benefit for OTTO's so that we could open faster. I said I would work on it. My next call was to DELANCEY BAR to give them the listings of who was playing which night. I mentioned we needed a place to do a Benefit but it had to be either a Friday or Saturday. I was told November was all booked and December had Christmas parties but wait... there is one day that just became available a half hour before I called. I probably wouldn't want it. I was expecting the day after Thanksgiving but was told that Saturday, Nov. 6th was now available. WHAT? That was PERFECT! We would do Day 2 of the 10 DoW at DELANCEY as a FIRE RELIEF BENEFIT for OTTO's. UNSTEADY FREDDIE has been doing Surf Night on the First Saturday of every month for over 6 years. What better night than Surf Night for the Benefit? We took it!

As I mentioned I had just started working at a restaurant and I worked on the Thursday night (11/4/10) from 10:00pm until 10:00am (the manager called and asked me to cover because of an emergency). No problem. I went home took a 2 hour nap, got up, showered and shaved and I was off to the KNITTING FACTORY for a 5:00pm sound check with the HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT. This is one of the biggest rock bands in Japan right now and they came to NYC just to do the 10 DoW and then go back to Japan! Sound check went well and we all went to the restaurant to grab something to eat. I headed back to the club quickly to get NOW WE'RE EVEN on stage and get the party started. ASH GRAY & FRIENDS were next and followed by the Goth/Country tunes of NINTH HOUSE and now we were in gear. HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT then proceeded to blow everyone away with their intensity. GORO followed up with some good old rock'n'roll to lead into SEA MONSTER. SEA MONSTER was preparing to go to Greece for a HELL's ANGELS party but they had to do it without their bass player (due to a family illness), so MIKE ROCK and FREDDIE took turns on the bass as new drummer GENE laid down the beats and ARTHUR led them through an amazingly solid set! Look out Greece SEA MONSTER is coming! THE EROTICS from Albany closed out the night and it was 1 Down, 9 To Go! I proceeded to the restaurant to start a 4:00am shift until Noon on Saturday.

I got in another little 2 hour nap before we started the UNSTEADY WOOD BEACH BALL FIRE RELIEF BENEFIT for OTTO's at DELANCEY BAR on 11/6/10. Old friend BOB DUNCAN started with some acoustic rock leading into the surf of THE OCTOMEN. They brought along a few ALIEN SURFER BABES to dance and the club started to heat up. TARANTINOS NYC did their original surf songs along with songs that were based on, or in, TARANTINO movies. The COFFIN DAGGERS were next and kept the surf churning. The Burlesque stylings of Dr. HONEY BUNNY, from Sweden, was a last minute addition before EL MUCHACHO took the stage. The kazoo-led trio were joined by BROOKLYN BABY DOLL, who go-go danced thru their set. Overall we raised a bunch of money for OTTO's and the bands even donated their bucket money to the fund! 2 Down, 8 To Go!

Sunday, 11/7/10 was Day 3 of 10 DoW and it was held at PORT 41. PORT 41 is a Fantastic venue with a Great stage and Sound System located on 41st Street at 9th Avenue in NYC. They have shows on the weekends there, mostly metal and hard rock. We started off with KATZU from the Japanese band SUPERGROOVE doing a blues set followed by MICHELE ARI & THE PRIMATIFS from Tennessee. THE UNKOOL HILLBILLIES brought the rockabilly sound from Sweden for the Birthday Shows. ROMAN & THE HEARD did a kick ass set as usual and then the Band-in-Residence for November, the HUDSON DUSTERS took the stage and showed the kids how it's done. Band-n-Residence, HA! More like a traveling minstrel show. WILD BILL, JOHN COLLINS, DANNY RAY, KEVIN SHAW and even grumpy BIG BILL TELLO played at different spots and brought the house down and won new fans at every spot.

The HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT were still in town, so they went on next and they had already doubled their crowd from Friday. Their intensity overwhelmed the crowd as they proceeded to jump around, do cartwheels and flying kicks ; all while still playing their guitars and ANZA's dramatic vocals capturing everyone in reach. For 3 years, ANZA was in the Tokyo version of LES MISERABLES and you can see it in the performance she put on. PAUL ANTHONY from the band DATURA closed out the night with some acoustic tunes. 3 Down, 7 To Go!

Day 4 (11/8/10) was the first of many shows at the DELANCEY BAR that week. Originally planned for this date as the more jazzier evening and it started with old favorite BILL POPP & THE TAPES with a comfy pop rock set. The accordion driven jazz-rock of SQUEEZE ROCK was next to lead into VERA BEREN's GOTHIC CHAMBER BLUES ENSEMBLE. They had a wild feel going with the flower petal throwing, which led perfectly into MARNI RICE & Le GARAGE CABARET. With only MICHELE TEMPLE on bass to join her, MARNI & her accordion brought a decidedly Parisian feel to the room. PATTI ROTHBERG came out solo but had the house rocking with her awesome songs and some fun, inter-song exchanges with the crowd. HUSSY came out and closed the night with some hard rock'n'roll. OK, so I went off track a little. 4 Down, 6 To Go! Then I went to work at the restaurant at 4:00am till noon.

I awake to an e-mail from the booker at BRUAR FALLS, (Saturday's location) and he's informing me that my show is not booked. I had it booked for over 2 months with THE OWNER and this little .... No Problem, I'll deal with it.

So on Tuesday, 11/9/10, the Day 5 show that was originally scheduled for SANTOS was moved to DELANCEY BAR, We started an hour later than originally planed with S.W.A.K. This young, 3 piece rock unit kicks ass beyond their age. The HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT then did a 3rd set during the 10 DoW and again doubled the crowd they had on Friday. Again the movement on the stage mixed with the outrageous Hard-Metal-Rock made you wonder how they can do it all, independently of each other, but together and all without ever bumping into each other or the amps or drums or anything. It was ORGANIZED INSANITY! THE CRINGE were on next and brought more of a classic rock mood to the room. STARK powered on to the stage after them and rocked straight thruogh. "SONIC" JOE HOGAN took off on guitar right from the very first note and there was no turning back or slowing down. LANI FORD was right there with him on bass after her surgery and she seems to have healed well. Guest drummer RODNEY is one of the best hired guns sessions guys around and he didn't slow down the rock attack at all. MAHAVATAR then brought and even heavier rock style to the stage to bring the night to a close. 5 Down, 5 To Go! Halfway there!

Day 6 (11/10/10) was supposed to be at OTTO's as COPYCAT NIGHT with DJ XEROX. But as only the front room was open at OTTO's COPYCAT remained there and the bands came with me to the DELANCEY BAR! Now on COPYCAT NIGHT all the bands have to do at least a half set of covers and the bands stuck to the plan. Starting with my good friends from N.J., F. P. TOZ, who did all covers and I even joined them for a version of BANANA FISH ZERO's - "MY, MY, MIMI!" From Virginia came touring band TRISCALE to had some countrified rock to the air. Next up was a band that only does covers and it was my band: FRANK WOOD & HIS NYC ALL-STARS BAND. I will not review my own band but I'll tell you who was in it that night. MIKE LINN from GRAVEYARD SLUT was on drums, along with KEVIN SHAW of the HUDSON DUSTERS on bass as usual, with our now steady rhythm guitar player from the BAGGHDADDIOS, KENN ROWELL. With DANNY RAY from MAD JUANA on sax exchanging leads with T. J. JORDAN from WOUNDED and LOURDS on lead guitar and the WOOD NYMPHS (SARINA, CATHERINE and TRISH) in the background you hardly notice me up front You can see it on you tube or my website (www.mrfwood.com) and decide for your self. DANNY"s DEVIL's BLUES finished off the evening and it was now 6 Down and 4 To Go! Oh, and I managed to get the Saturday show moved to, guess? The DELANCEY BAR! They saved my butt again! I also switched the last show from PORT 41 on Sunday to the DELANCEY BAR.

November 11th is my actual birthday and this show, Day 7, was originally scheduled for DELANCEY BAR and it went off without a hitch. FLACK BLAMINGO, led by REW, was first to hit the stage and the night was on! With BILLY FICCA (TELEVISION) on drums and Mr. WOLF on bass, they went through a driving set. DIDI DELICIOUS led her band through a poppy punk set. MERMAID FILLET rocked the crowd next before the CRUEL SHOES came out and took over the room with the hard rocking, classic rock'n'roll!

At this point PURPLE PAM and BABS from THE OVERTONES (she made all the flyers) brought up 2 birthday cakes that ALAN RAND rigged with the trick candles. He got me! PURPLE PAM proceeded to sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" after telling the crowd that she sings alone! well, PURPLE PAM belted out a version of the Birthday song that was out of this world. She then went on as the new lead singer for ACID RAYZ. LARRY's guitar and JEANNE's drums were joined by DAVE WEEN (WEEN) ton the bass, and, together with PURPLE PAM's vocals, they rocked the room upside down and back again! MAURICE and the rest of the guys from KILLIN FLOOR brought a hard rocking blues vibe to the room which led to the comfortable tunes from JOFF WILSON (BOWERY BOYS) & FRIENDS. 8 Down, 2 To Go!

Friday the 12th was Day 8 of 10 DoW and I was starting to feel a little tired. Then THE VELMAS hit the stage and I was up again. These guys from Albany are great rockers and had people dancing. THUCYDIDEAN THEORY brought their style of rock to the party and then it was time for PARANOID LARRY & HIS IMAGINARY BAND. It was truly an imaginary band as PARANOID LARRY performed solo. No tracks or anything just him. AMAZING! What a genius, you've got to see and hear this. The ROBO SAPIENS were up next and did a steady se and that's when DJ ROB NITRO showed up and did some spinning between the bands for the rest of the night. Then the crowd went wild as THE UNDEAD featuring BOBBY STEELE (MISFITS) hit the stage! His style of punk rock has you up and dancing and having a great time before you realize it. If you take 1 part HUDSON DUSTERS (KEVIN SHAW/bass, vocals) and mix it with 1 part LOVE PIRATES (GASS WILD/guitar, vocals) and 2 parts BLUE SHADOW DOGS (MIKE LINN/drums, vocals and KURT/guitar and vocals) and shake it up and mix it together out comes a Rock'n'Roll powerhouse of bluesy, hard driving Rock'n'Roll! KEYS TO THE CADILLAC came up from Jersey to join in on the fun and before you knew it, it was now 8 Down and 2 To Go! At which point I went to the restaurant for another 4:00am to noon shift.

It's now Saturday (11/13/10) evening and it's an early start time tonight because of the last minute switch from the other club to the DELANCEY, again! GEORGE CRISIS led off with his angry acoustic punk leading into the moving rock of EVE BLACKWATER. MANDY LEMONS married her guitar player, STURGIS NIKIDES (JOHN CALE BAND), and their band, LOW SOCIETY, is still going strong! MANDY's powerful vocals sound like, BESSIE SMITH mixed with JANIS JOPLIN and TINA TURNER. STURGIS's guitar and slide work was pushed on by fellow JOHN CALE band member ANDREW HEERMANS and drummer GEORGE who was playing in the band for the first time. They were astounding. HARRIS TRUCKS was a mini-reunion of an old band called HURRY UP OFFENSE. JASON on vocals was reunited with PETER on the drums and they were joined by the rest of JASON's band members. JASON was all over the club singing and dancing and putting a nice ending on the evening. 9 Down and 1 To Go! But, now I must go to the restaurant for yet another 4:00am to noon shift.

Finally, Day 10 (11/14/10) has arrived and we're still at the DELANCEY BAR. The night began with the pop rock of AMANDA WHITE GROUP. AMANDA's opera trained voice belts out some tunes. CATSPAW was up with it's cool Pretenders style, rockabilly mix. Now the crowd was jumping around and it was time for anther cake! THE BAGHDADDIOS led by an ill leader, KENN ROWELL proceeded to rock the house down and then the HUDSON DUSTERS were back for another night of great rock'n'roll. Then KINGG BEE & THE STINGERS were on the stage rocking the rafters. Led by the legendary BUDDY BOWZER (JOHNNY THUNDERS HEARTBREAKERS) and briven by SHEEBO (STILLETTOS) on drums, these guys kept the party dancing. Then to put the icing on the cake it was capped off by BLONDE & BLUE. BLONDE & BLUE is ALISON GORDY singing and playing guitar and SUSAN MITCHELL is on the violin. ALISON's songs are haunting and the violin just adds to it! 10 DOWN!

NOTHING stops me! The party must continue!

DELANCEY BAR was outrageous in allowing me to do 7 shows in a row at their venue and 8 of 10. THANK YOU, DELANCEY BAR!

THANK YOU to all the clubs, bands, employees and most importantly everyone who came to help me celebrate my Birthday.

There are a lot more pictures to back all this up in my gallery.

Now, for next year...

See ya around,