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NEW YORK WASTE, October 2011



Sunday, 9/11/11, at OTTO's was a memorable day for much more than the obvious.

Yes, it was the 10th Anniversary of one of the most shocking, and saddest, days most people alive at the time, would ever experience.

Being as it fell on a Sunday it was natural to think about it, but also to think about the future and other, happier (to some) things from the past.

There is a movie being made right now called THE LOST ROCKERS. TONY MANN, in conjunction with STEVE BLUSH and PAUL RACHMAN ( both of AMERICAN HARDCORE fame), have this project about some of the unsung heroes of ROCK'n'ROLL who, for one reason or another, did not receive the respect due them!

Well, we got a sneak peak at what's to come, as a few of the subjects of the movie played at OTTO's that night!

The night started with the breezy pop rock of MERMAID FILET. YVONNE's soaring vocals, propelled by her top notch band, got the night off to a good start.

JOFF WILSON (Lower East Side Denizen) was next with his band, THE PURPLEHEARTS. JOFF's catchy tunes and garage /punk stylings kept the rock rolling! JOY RYDER joined THE PURPLEHEARTS for a moving tribute to the FALLEN HEROES of 9/11 with a rousing version of JOHNNY THUNDERS' "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory".

CHRIS ROBISON is in THE LOST ROCKERS movie! Having played back in the old MAX's KANSAS CITY with his band, STUMBLEBUNNY, it was a good choice for them to play the evening. CHRIS had some new members in the band but the old songs have stood the test of time and the new ones are on their way to joining them

FRANK WOOD & HIS NYC ALL-STARS BAND was next (disclaimer: It's my band but I'll try to remain objective). Basically a cover band put together of some of the BEST musicians available in NYC today, this band is designed for FUN. The members can vary from show to show but on this night it was the main unit playing. MIKE LINN (GRAVEYARD SLUT) on drums and KEVIN SHAW (BMTs, HUDSON DUSTERS) on bass form the backbone of the band. KENN ROWELL (BAGHDADDIOS) was the rhythm guitarist and on saxaphone was the incomparable DANNY RAY (SENDERS, MAD JUANA). Lead guitar duties were brilliantly handled by T. J. JORDAN (WOUNDED, LOURDS)! The back up singers, known as the WOOD NYMPHS, were CHRISTA McNAMEE (RIPE), STELLA K (VONESPER) and DAWN DUPRE (BAMBI KILLERS) and could not only sing, but they were GORGEOUS! All the better to cover the fallacies of the front man, FRANK WOOD!

They were joined by JOY RYDER as she performed a few songs, most notably "JOHHNY WAS A FIREMAN!" That song was written about the leader of NYC punk rock band THE BULLYS, who sacrificed his life saving other people as a fireman on 9/11! A REAL HERO!

Some more old school rockers, HUDSON DUSTERS, were up afterward and these boys make solid Rock'n'Roll look effortless. WILD BILL THOMPSON (THE SENDERS) on guitar and DANNY RAY on sax traded mind-boggling solos w/o breaking a sweat while KEVIN SHAW on bass and BIG BILL TELLO (THE ROUSTABOUTS) held down the bottom as JOHN COLLINS (THE TERRORISTS, DELANCEY STREET HAWAIIANS) did the singing! It was just more fun Rock;n;Roll!

Most people know GASS WILDE as the leader of the LOVE PIRATES but not many know he played with CHRISSIE HYNDE (PRETENDERS) and another band, THE LIGHTNING RAIDERS! That bands is also in the LOST ROCKERS movie and this was their first show in 29 years! Original member JOHNNY HOGE came to the USA for the very first time to rejoin his old mate, GASS and played some of the old tunes with a band consisting of TONY MANN (SHEWOLVES, JAYNE COUNTY, SYLVAIN SYLVAIN ...) on drums and FUZZ (LOVE PIRATES) on guitar and RANDY (THIN LIZZY) on bass.

The night ended with the Sunday nite traditional "SOFA KING" WILDE JAM! Comprising of PURPLEHEARTS members JOFF on guitar and JEANNE CARNO on drums, HI[LIFE members BABS JOHANSON on bass and Mr. RATTLES on etc., and DYLAN NIRVANA on guitar. It was a nice mix of old punk and garage favorites with some improvised jams thrown in for the hell of it!

THE LOST ROCKERS movie should be ready in time for the SUNDANCE movie festival but you can check out it's progress on:

Just another WIND DOWN SUNDAY at OTTO's!