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NEW YORK WASTE, Winter 2012


8 Shows, in 10 Days, at 5 Different Clubs, with Over 50 Bands, from 4 Different Continents!
A SCORPION Birthday Celebration!

This years Birthday Bash was lined up and pretty much ready to go by the end of September. A few slots here and there to fill and we'd be set! GREAT Bands, locations even semi-synchronized line-ups!

Then came Hurricane Sandy and the shit hit the fan! People homeless w/o electricity, subways, hot water, should we continue? HELL YES! This isn't only my Birthday celebration but a celebration of NYC's Rock'n'Roll scene! We had bands representing 4 different continents and just about every genre of music there is to be found in NYC! People needed to get some relief from all the tragedy surrounding them. Whether it was helping out in Staten Island, the Rockaways, Long Island, the Jersey Shore, donating time and energy and food and clothes, the people doing this needed something to take their minds off what they had been through and seen, if only for a few hours and then head back to help!

Right off the top the Lower East Side was drowned! Water up to the car windows by OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD on 14th Street! No electricity below the 30's! Some bars tried to go romantic, you know, candles and bottles of beer! NYC does not stop!

Day 1, Friday, November 2 was a Country/Rockabilly night and right off the top, despite Hurricane-fueled cancellations the show went on! It was at HANKS SALOON in Brooklyn and there was still no subways to Brooklyn, BUT they had a bus from Midtown to the BARCLAY CENTER (which was 1 block away from HANKS) so I got there OK!

1 band from L.I., 1 with members from the Jersey Shore and another with people from the Rockaways couldn't make it, but I still had 3 acts show up!

COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION came down from Connecticut and started the party and had FRANK WOOD join them on 2 FRANK ZAPPA tunes.

CATSPAW delivered a tight set and brought a GREAT cheesecake and were followed by HICKRY HAWKINS, who started out on stage for a few songs and then hung at the bar playing requests for the folks who were there!


Saturday, November 3 was scheduled for the DING DONG LOUNGE on the Upper West Side, which was untouched by the Hurricane. In fact they were open the whole time and a bunch of people who would have normally went downtown to party found it, and me handing out flyers for my Saturday show! The place was packed and the kids were amazed by the quality of the bands!

Again the Hurricane caused a few cancellations but that was understandable! What wasn't was the band from OMAHA, that were such douche pussies didn't even have the courtesy to call and say they weren't coming! They were supposed to be on tour and decided not to go and didn't bother telling their management, booking agency or anyone! Gee, I wonder how good the scene is out there ("Clem it looks a little hazy out, I don't rekkin we should rock tonite!")

Otherwise we started off with RUNNING THOUGHTS that did a high-spirited pop/punk set. They also brought MAGNOLIA BAKERY Cupcakes! HMMMMM!

JENNIFER BLOWDRYER and her boys wowed the crowd with that LES, PATTI SMITH-style punk! The Columbia kids were amazed!

The SLUT JUNKIES moved their bass player to drums and used their Graphic Designer on bass and did an INSANE set! The uptown crowd didn't know what hit them.

Then BILL POPP & THE TAPES did an extended set of pop/rock that had the packed house dancing and bopping all over the club

DJ PAT PERVERT kept everyone busy in-between and after the bands, so it was a FUN time had by ALL!

Now to venture down to the LES for the 1st time since Last Sunday!

The Lower East Side got electricity back on Friday nite but there was a LOT to clean up! There was almost 4 feet of water in the basement at OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD that screwed up the soda machine and the beer taps! By Sunday the soda machine was fixed and we had plenty of beer in bottles and PBR in cans!

Before Day 3 started we received word that SELENA 'PINK' SNOW had passed away from a Heart Attack, She was the Brains behind PORN ROCK/EROCKTICA, a band I described as FIRST AMENDMENT ROCK! She developed a show that was entreating and stimulating and over the years some of the Best Musicians in the NYC scene played in her band. In Europe, where they aren't as uptight as here in the States, PINK was a SUPERSTAR!

Her Star will Shine as long as there is SEX & DRUGS & ROCK'n'ROLL! Which is FOREVER!

She was a GREAT PERSON and a BEAUTIFUL SOUL! She will be missed! R.I.P!

Day 3 still had some Hurricane related cancellations as some people still had no power or couldn't get gas for their cars! But it seems the old guys are the ONLY ones who are doing whatever it takes to get to their shows!

We started off with 75+ years old, PAUL THORNTON from the '60s band, THE GODZ! He did a solid set of rock classics to a dozen of similarly aged fans! (Kids today are pussies!)

Another friend from the old days, DIDI DELICIOUS came with her band to rock and Rock she did! She even made a cake!

BUDDY LOVE have been together since 1979 with the SAME band members as when they started! With some powerful rocking originals and some solid old standards they had the crowd dancing!

Then it was time for KING BEE & THE STINGERS to rock! BUDDY BOWZER (JOHNNY THUNDERS' HEARTBREAKERS) and SCHEEBO (THE STILLETTOS) lead this band in more great rock'n'roll with JOFF WILSOn and DAVID WHITE on bass and guitar!

STEPHEN CEE then did a cranking acoustic set which had people enthralled!

We wound down with a "SOFA KING" WILDE JAM featuring DANNY RAY (MAD JUANA) on sax, BABS JOHANSON (HI LIFE BAND) on bass and vocals (even though her house in Long Beach, L. I. was almost destroyed) , JOFF WILSON (PURPLEHEARTS) on bass and vocals, CEE on guitar and SCHEEBO on percussion! They even had FRANK WOOD (me) sing one song!

The DELANCEY BAR was in pretty good shape and that was where Day 4 was held! This time there were no cancellations but the crowd was a little thin. No matter, we rocked anyway. Starting with the comedy duo, THE BLACK & THE JEW, whose brand of interracial, sexual hijinks had everyone busting a gut!

JOHNNY YOUNG and CALVIN from the GIANT FLYING TURTLES went unplugged and led into a Demonic set from DANNY's DEVIL's BLUES! DANNY and his crew have a CD coming out by the end of the year and these tracks were Outlandish!

LANI FORD did a quick acoustic set, as the rest of her band had moved to Nicaragua, and she had to run and get on the radio (she'a a DJ on WPLJ). ILLICITIZEN capped off the night and now it was time for my break!

I had decided to take 2 days off in the middle of the Celebration because Tuesdays and Wednesdays are a little slow anyway. It turned out all right as it gave people more time to get settled back into their grooves.

Day 5 was at BOWERY ELECTRIC and it was electrifying! Despite 2 cancellations this show was off the hook!

CERTAIN GENERAL was a band that played at DANCEATERIA back in the day and they showed that they can still kick ass as they rocked through a high powered set. COACH & COMMANDO were next with TEXAS CLAMP and MATT playing some shit kicking, finger pickin' Rock'n'Roll!

PURPLE PAM & THE FLESH EATERS devoured the stage with some heavy duty Rock'n'Roll that blew the crowd away! Their rendition of 'GIMME SHELTER' was AMAZING!

The BARB WIRE DOLLS are a band from Greece and they had their NYC cherry popped at this show! It was also their CD release party and they showed that they can carry the Punk Rock Flag! ISIS was electrifying as she bounded around the stage as PYN played guitar/bass through 2 Marshall stacks and a huge bass rig while KRASH wailed away on the drums! They were UNBELIEVABLE! Very similar of the glory days of CBGBs! You should catch these guys if you get a chance before they head back to Europe.

DEVILHAUS wound up the evening as they celebrated the 1 year Anniversary of CHARLY and LAURIE's engagement (which was exactly 1 year ago on this very stage)!

Friday, November 9th was back at DELANCEY BAR for Day 6 and it was a packed evening! Starting with PATRICK SALT RYAN's acoustic set into MEET THE PATIENTS, the crowd started building up and liking what they were hearing!

The FAME JUNKIES were as professional as always and LAWRENCE brought in TRENT BERRY from San Fran for lead guitar to go with the trombone/sax/trumpet section and these guys rocked around fanatically. The VON FRANKENSTEINS brought their blood splattered gore/death rock next and some were not prepared for it! AERIK VON cuts himself to start the show and proceeds to bleed throughout, almost to the point of passing out from blood loss! He's FUCKING NUTS! We love him!

GIRL TO GORILLA was next and SPYRO was happy that he didn't have to stand on the side of the stage where AERIK VON had left a little pool of blood! They ran through a tight set and were followed by some old timers - THE HIPP PIPPS! These old friends for over 30 some odd years decided one night recently to try something out and it clicked! Good, clean, fun Rock'n'Roll, that had people up and dancing away the night!

L.E.S. homebodies THE PURPLEHEARTS followed and kept the crowd jumping. JOFF WILSON's songs are some of the best out there today and JEANNE CARNO's drumming was astounding as usual (and it was her 3rd appearance with her 3rd band at these shows!)

The surprise addition of touring Japanese Surf Rockers, THE STOMPIN' RIFF RAFFS, had the crowd going wild. As their rockabilly/jacket guitarist led the 3 Glimmery, Cocktail dress wearing gals on drums, bass and keys/theremin, the crowd continued dancing their asses off! The little raccoon masks the girls wore were a nice touch!

BERGO '45 brought a polished set to finish off the night with ERIC (guitarist) taking over the drums as the usual drummer couldn't make it! DJ ROB NITRO had the crowd jumping between the bands and it meant I only had 2 more shows to go!

Day 7 was also at DELANCEY BAR and it was planned as a Punk Rock nite and boy was it! KENN ROWELL of the BAGHDADDIOS went solo, as his band had gasoline problems! They couldn't get any! That never stpped KENN before as he went thru a vodka-infused set with some witty little reparte in between songs!

MOHAWK DAVE led the MINOR CUTS in a mosh dancing inspired set of Punk and were followed by ISM from the old A7 days! JISM played a keyboard behind his back and over his head as T.J. JORDAN's lightning guitar licks had people shaking their heads in disbelief!

Old buddies from Philly, LOAFASS came up with a guest guitarist - WALT STACK from THE BULLYS! These guys know how to do punk rock! Fun, fast and loud!

EVIL BEAVER came from California for this show and were phenomenal! EVIE EVIL was on bass and ELLIE ENGLISH on drums blew the crowd away. It was also CLOWN KONG's Birthday so he introduced EVIL BEAVER after some seriously drunk comedy!

So far, so good, 7 Down and 1 To Go!

November 11th is the Actual Birthday for FRANK WOOD and it was held at OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD! CRAZY MARY started off the night with EMMA bouncing around as she sang and WALTER STEDING's violin mesmerizing the crowd!

Old partner REW STARR (REW & WHO SHOW) brought her band FLACK BLAMINGO with BILLY FICCA (TELEVISION) and Mr. WOLFE and DONALD to rock and they did! CYNDI DAWSON got out of Hoboken (somehow) and with her band, THE CYNZ, kept the tempo going! MIGHTY PRAGMATIS members JOHNNY EGGZ and NICKY SHEA filled in for hurricane missing members!

Then FRANK WOOD & HIS NYC ALL-STARS BAND (ed. note: my band, so I'll try not to go over board) took the stage! The Birthday Boy wasn't too wasted yet, so it went well! The WOOD NYMPHS (CHRISTA McNAMEE and CYD SILVER) were beautiful, sounding and looking! MIKE LINN & KEVIN SHAW held down the rhythm section while DANNY RAY and RAVEN handled the sax duties with JOHNNY YOUNG on the keys and DAVID WHITE and KENN ROWELL on guitars! Needless to say, there was a PACKED ROOM of Happy Dancing Rockers having fun!

ARTHUR STEVENSON's band, SEA MONSTER, couldn't make it but ARTHUR came anyway and we put together a band with WALTER STEDING on violin, MIKE LINN on drums, DANNY RAY on sax, JOHNNY YOUNG on keys, PHIL McAUGH on bass and CYD SILVER on vocals and visuals! With no preparation this group just went wild busting out some old school Rock'n'Roll classics!

Next up was ERIC 13 from the SEX SLAVES, with the help of TIM RABY and JOHNNIE RITCHIE, doing some HANK 3 style country rock! PATTI ROTHBERG then came and took the crowd home, like she always does! She's an amazing talent that can take over any room she takes the stage in!

DJ LUNDO was the music maker between and after the bands!

So, we pulled it off, Hurricane BE DAMNED!

What's gonna happen next year? Locusts? Doesn't matter we will rock again!

THANK YOU to all the bands, venues, sound guys, door people, bartenders, security and fans that made these 8 shows worth all the FUN!

Pics are up in the Photo Gallery on my website: http://www.mrfwood.com



The Way It Was!

The Way It Is!

The Way It Should And WILL BE!

See ya around,