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NEW YORK WASTE, Spring 2013


On January 7, 2007 a tradition was started: the ANNUAL GASS WILD BIRTHDAY BLAST!

Being as GASS' Birthday is during the first week of January so we decided to have a bunch of his friend's bands play for his B-DAY BLAST! Over the years these have been some wild parties with bands like ACID RAYZ, RICHARD LLOYD & THE SUFI MONKEYS, DANNY's DEVIL's BLUES, BOBBY STEELE, DAVA SHEWOLF, ASH GRAY, SASQUATCH & THE SICKABILLIES, JYNX & DINO, KING BEE & THE STINGERS, HUDSON DUSTERS, DIRTY & NAUGHTY, BILLION DOLLAR BABIES and many, many more!

MATTY LANGONE (a former member of THE WALDOS, THE CYNZ and many other bands over the years) has his Birthday the day after GASS' so we decided to combine the two!

So on January 6, 2013 we started off the festivities with the BAKERSFIELD BREAKERS some old school rockers just having fun. CERTAIN GENERAL (DANCETRIA favorites) were up next and it was easy to see why these guys were and still are so popular. With KEVIN pounding away on the drums and ANDY holding down the bottom, PHIL GAMMAGE ripped some mean notes as PARKER delivered some Amazing lyrics! Now the party was under way!

JOFF WILSON and his new incarnation of the BOWERY BOYS were next! With the hardest working drummer in the tri-state area, JEANNE CARNO, behind the set and DAVE G on the bass, JOFF ran through his catchy tunes with ease! The addition of former NY WASTE writer THOMAXE on rhythm guitar was a nice addition to an already solid act! GASS even joined them for a song!

MATT LANGONE then hit the stage with his band, THE HIPP PIPPS! These guys are FANTASTIC! KEVIN SHAW (BMT's, HUDSON DUSTERS and many more) and FRANK PIPPS (THE WEAPONS and more) are the bass and drums in this outfit that rocks it old school! They mix in old songs and new so that you can hardly know the difference as you just keep dancing throughout! And the crowd was dancing throughout!
Then GASS jumped up on stage and the two Birthday Brats sang a tune together!

GASS's band, THE LOVE PIRATES, followed them and it was Classic Bluesy rock from these guys! GASS, ANDROID and FUZZ were joined by the returning MARTY on drums and JOFF WILSON on bass! They rocked through a set that kept the crowd up on their feet dancing away!

DANNY's DEVIL's BLUES were up next and the Demon Barber of East 10th Street was in fine form! JEANNE CARNO was back to play drums and KEVIN SHAW was also back, to play bass, and DAVID WHITE was scintillating on guitar as DANNY wailed away at his Demonic songs! Again the crowd was on it's feet and the dancing continued!

We wrapped up the night with a "SOFA KING" WILDE JAM that was over the top! JOFF, JEANNE and DAVE G were joined by DANNY RAY (MAD JUANA, THE SENDERS and many more) on SAX and then PAUL ANTHONY (DATURA, PAUL ANTHONY BAND) on guitar! Starting off with an improvisational jam and then whipping into some old favorites with GAS jumping up and joining in on a bunch of ROLLING STONES tunes! And the crowd was still dancing!

In all, it was just another FUN, WIND DOWN SUNDAY at OTTO's! There was even cake!

You can see more pics in the Photo Gallery.

See ya around,