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NEW YORK WASTE, Spring 2013



It was the First Day of Summer in 2007 and I was having a show at DELANCEY BAR!

My good friend ROBERT LUND, aka LUNDO, shows up and we're smoking outside between bands (me a cigar, him a cigarette) when he tells me he thinks he did something bad! I asked what? He said he spent a LOT of money! On what, I asked (thinking bad habits)! He casually points across the street and there she was - a Burgundy, 1972, Convertible, CADILLAC, ELDORADO > THE LUNDORADO!

My first reaction was that I didn't know he had a garage and he said he didn't and he didn't know where he was gonna park it where it won't get broken into and the ragtop getting cut! ALAS, this in not the NYC of our youth and luckily in all the years he had it, it never did!

He had told a photographer friend, the lovely GOSIA from Poland, about his 1977 road trip across the USA in a convertible, and she said she had always dreamed of making such a trip. So he asked a friend, DAVID COHEN (who owns a bunch of cars) what did he think! Well DAVE just happened to have 2 ELDORADO CONVERTIBLES at the time (a '72 and a '76) so he asked LUNDO if he wanted to go for a spin in the '72! After the ride LUNDO handed over the money and a saga was born!

The 1st Road trip was to the Last JOHNNY LAWAPALOOZA in Beaverkill, NY! It was LANI FORD's Wedding with 18 bands on 2 stages! 2 nights of camping out and a SOLID day of ROCK'n'ROLL! Here are more photos of that party.

Before leaving for his USA Tour, THE LUNDORADO starred in a promo video for the EVIL CITY FILM FEST 2007! With a Giant Squid in the back seat and 2 'Planet of the Apes' monkeys in the front and the Gorgeous NIKKI perched high on the front armrest, The LUNDORADO was filmed all over the city and the Williamsburg Bridge! The video can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kegW07f0umc

Then came the Road Trip: 10,000 miles in 3 months from August to October 2007 - Minneapolis, Burning Man, the California Coast, MAD JUANA in San Diego, Texas, and back in time for Halloween! Could there be any better way to see the USA?

Then in March of 2008 THE LUNDORADO became THE BAMBI KILLERS TOUR RIDE! All over NYC and to Cleveland for a punk festival! It included a flatbed truck tow ride when the alternator died! (THE BAMBI KILLERS rode in THE LUNDORADO while it was on the tow truck!)

August of 2008 was another cross country trip to BURNING MAN! Deciding to follow a map on the computer, he takes an ill-advised shortcut through the desert on unpaved roads which left a mark on THE LUNDORADO! Seattle, California, Texas and back again! 11,000 miles!

Another starring role in a video was next! THE SEX SLAVES' "Long Live The DEAD" was shot in 15-degree weather at a loading dock in an old Williamsburg warehouse, with a wlld ride simulated by DEL CHEETAH graphics! Check that video out here.

Too many memorable rides through the Manhattan night, experiencing NYC as only one can from a CADILLAC Convertible! NYC, at night, with the top down and Rock'n'Roll Blazing away is the ONLY way to experience NYC at it BEST!

Summer of 2009 was back to Texas with more problems until a good ole boy in Texas fixed it right! Many miles later, the Eldo was featured in another video, this time whisking KARMEN of MAD JUANA around NYC as she sang in the breeze. See that video here.

But THE LUNDORADO was getting old! The Rock'n'Roll lifestyle was catching up to her! Hard to get parts for window motors, hole in the floor of the back seat, body parts and various other things in the day-to-day life of a 40+ year old car were taking their toll!

On the way home from the 2012 OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD CHRISTMAS PARTY, LUNDO smelled smoke. He opened the window but the smoke got worse! Looking into the back seat, he sees a little fire from where the carpet fell through the hole and caught fire from rubbing against the EXTREMELY HOT exhaust pipe! He pulls over and tries to put it out with some water bottles and asks a gas station attendant for his fire extinguisher, but he wouldn't give it up! He turns to go back to the car and he sees the inferno. It was too late!

So she came in, in style, and went out, in a BLAZE OF GLORY!

All that was left was good old U.S. STEEL!

Over 5 years of FUN, ADVENTURE, TEARS and FEARS!

She will be missed but never forgotten!



(with help on the details from Mr. ROBERT LUND)