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NEW YORK WASTE, Halloween 2014

A Book Review


Most of you know PUMA PERL from her downtown performances with her band, PUMA PERL & FRIENDS! The “FRIENDS” are usually JOFF WILSON, DANNY RAY, WALTER STEDING, and ANGELLO OLIVIERI, although she’s worked at some point with half the musicians around and is often invited to jam and is a regular at the "SOFA KING" WILDE JAM as part of WIND DOWN SUNDAYS at OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD!

What you may not know is that she is a widely published poet and writer of short stories, whose work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, and is the solo author of 4 (four) books. The latest, RETROGRADE, was published June 1, 2014, by GREAT WEATHER FOR MEDIA press, and contains a lot of poems that you’ve probably heard her do onstage, and a lot that you’ve never seen.

When you sit down in a quiet place, or on a subway, at a bar, or wherever the hell you sit, it’s a different experience. You can take in the meaning in your own time and understand the craft that goes into them. They are also laid out in a way that tells a story, backward and forward in time.

PUMA always mixes up her sets when she performs live and never does the same set twice, so this is a chance to let it all stand still and take it in.

RETROGRADE, $16, can be purchased directly from PUMA or from AMAZON. (She doesn’t make much from AMAZON though, so catch up with her at OTTO’s or on Facebook, or at the next PUMA PERL & FRIENDS performance at OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD on November 9th as part of FRANK WOOD's Birthday Celebration - "THE 9 DAYS OF WOOD!" around 11:00pm!

It'll make a GREAT Stocking Stuffer for CHRISTMAS!

I've read it 3 times already! (I go to the bathroom a lot! It's the only place I read!)