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NEW YORK WASTE, Summer 2015

it's time for


It's Tuesday night and you're hungry! Where to go in this humongous city! So many places and styles to choose from in NYC!

For me, there's only ONE CHOICE and that is BEAST OF BOURBON in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

This is an old-school BBQ Joint that also has LIVE MUSIC!

BEAST OF BOURBON is at 710 MYRTLE AVE. in Brooklyn, just a few blocks from the G train! Owned and operated by BRITSH ex-pat SURESHAN PATHER, this place is Hopping! He knows what it takes to make a Good Club! The Music has to be right on, the food delicious and the booze liberating! He has done that here and then some!

The food is EXCELLENT BBQ, done old school style! You buy the meat by the pound and it is succulent! Start with some Brisket, then some pulled pork and don't forget a rib or two or three!

The picnic-style tables are stocked with some home-made sauces you can add to whatever you've chosen and they all have a clear view of the stage!

They have over 70+ different brands of BOURBON and you can get it, on the rocks, with a 2" ice cube! They also have over 25 different Craft Beers from All Over the World!

The stage is Fully equipped with a solid backline and State-of-the-Art PA System! (The sound guy controls it from in the room with his I-Pad!)

And on Tuesdays the LIVE Music comes from the House band - MULE KICK!

MULE KICK features some of the BEST Musicians in NYC! This little secret spot and band is quickly becoming not so secret anymore!

These Guys play Solid, Classic, late '60s, early '70s ROCK'n'ROLL!

They play it as good, if not better than the originals! The originals by JIMI HENDRIX, LED ZEPPELIN, FACES, CREAM, BLIND FAITH, ROLLING STONES and much more are so perfect, you don't think it can get any better! Well it can! These guys play it as if they were playing these songs Before they were mastered for their LPs! What I mean is there are a lot of LIVE improvs and solos mixed in to make you think you were watching the originals in a small club somewhere before they got famous!

Let's start with the drummer, FRANK FERRER of GUNS'n'ROSES fame! This man can pound a beat straight through you and back again! He literally moves your soul!

ROB BAILEY on guitar has played with DAVID JOHANSEN, STEVE TYLER and many more and can deliver these songs as if he wrote them himself! How he remembers all the lyrics and play the music, together, is beyond me!

Laying down the groove on bass is BRETT BASS who has played with everyone from BERNIE WORRELL to ENRIQUE IGLESIAS and everyone else in between! This man will have you jumping up and dancing no matter how much you've eaten!

Keyboardist ROB CLORES is also well versed in these classics and played with many of them! He fills in all the little spaces that you didn't even know existed!

These Guys are SCAREY GOOD!

Combine these guys with some TOP NOTCH BBQ and you have a PERFECTLY RELAXING, TUESDAY NIGHT!

They have even added a Skeeball game and a Photo Booth for late night shenanigans!

Come down next Tuesday and tell me if I'm wrong!

If you bring this article with you on a Tuesday, your First Beer is on the House!

They are also open the other 6 days a week with Live Music, Kareoake and other fun things from 4:00pm on! There is even a small bar up front - THE FLYING V - in case you don't want to be tempted by the aroma of the BBQ!

On Saturday and Sunday they have an Outrageous Brunch that starts at 11:00pm!

So get down to BEAST OF BOURBON on Tuesday night before you won't be able to get in!

710 Myrtle Ave. (bet. Nostrand and Bedford)
Brooklyn, N.Y.
(347) 789-9901