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NEW YORK WASTE, Spring 2016

THE BIG 6 - 0 !


WOW! Who would have bet on me making it this far? I wouldn't have looking back on my 20's and 30's! Talk about WRECKLESS!

Anyway I made it and I'm still doing shows! Some ask why I have so many Birthday shows and the answer is simple! It gives everyone a chance to come out and party with me! Not everyone can make it if you only do one! So I do a few so that everyone who wants to, gets a chance to come and party with me for my Birthday!

This year there was 7 Shows in 10 Days with almost 40 Bands from 3 Different Continents at 6 Different Venues>

We started on THURSDAY, November 5th at GRAND VICTORY with KREBS & THE MAYNARD Gs leading off the festivities! 2 of the STEVEs (PANG and FALLON) held down the drums & bass while MARC RETZNER shredded the guitar with the other STEVE (KREBS) singing his ass off! LISA RHOADES and BUCKY BERG were next with their band, HANGE rockin' the joint! The PRIMMADONNA REEDS brought out dancing girls and a Hula Hoop girl to add to KAREENA's singing with JONATHAN and LUIGI BABE leading the band. ITALY sent over a Serious Punk Band in THE BUTCHERS who showed that old school punk is still alive and SEWAGE (who recommended them) played the American version of Punk! The high energy of the ROUGE DIDIS finished off the live portion of the music with DJ ROB NITRO filling in the blanks and capping off the evening!

Day 2 was at HANKS SALOON, a bar I've been frequenting since the '70s when it was the DORAY TAVERN! MATT 'BROKE' BOLAND of the DIRTY PICKLES started off the nite solo and the MURDER COUNTRY followed with some smooth rock. ARC'D ANGEL came out smoking with high powered vocals by JOY and Metal never sounded better! LIZZIE STEELHEART with drummer CARRIE KAMIKAZE brought more High Energy rock with their band BIKINI CARWASH and old favorites THE BAGHDADDIOS put the cap on the evening!

Day 3 started at OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD with the Surf Rock stylings of COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION who were joined by Birthday Brat Mr. WOOD on a few songs! THE CARVELS reunited to join the party and LYNNE VON still sounds FANTASTIC! She should teach some of these young singers how it's supposed to be done! CRAZY MARY kept the fun going after their return from L.A. at the WHISKEY BAR! PHIL GAMAGE QUARTET's guitars blew everyone away but THE HIPP PIPPS were able to keep the FUN going and had the place jumping with dancers! PUMA PERL & FRIENDS then mixed Poetry and Rock as only they can (except, of course PATTI SMITH) and the night ended with a Rousing "SOFA KING" WILDE JAM that featured RICK ECKERLE, DANNY RAY, WALTER G. STEDING, PUMA PERL, NICK GREGORY and SETH OKREND!

NOVEMBER 11th is my Actual Birthday so FRANK WOOD & HIS NYC ALL-STARS BAND played the BEAST OF BOURBON for 2 Fun Packed sets! T.J. JORDAN and SEAN WILSON KILLED it on guitars with DANNY RAY and RAVEn on the Saxes whhile MIKE LINN and KEVIN SHAW handled the rhythm section better than most and THE WOOD NYMPHS (CYD SILVER, LAUREN DRAGON, SARAH WILSON ENGELKE and DEANNA LAIR) were their STUNNING and ASTOUNDING selves and SARAH added her keytar to mix! There was cake and a bunch of Delicious BBQ and friends to make for a PERFECT BIRTHDAY!

Day 5 brought us to BOWERY ELECTRIC where the party continued! The JUNGLE JUNKIES from BRAZIL lead off the evening with some fun Punk Rock and then there was the reunion of THE UNPRONOUNCEABLES! These 4 gentleman play their versions of rock, jazz, country and blues standards like NO ONE ELSE! Consisting of a Stand up bass and 2 guitars with a solid drummer, all 3 of the non-drummers took turns with the Stand Up bass! Their version of IRON MAN capped off a set that had the crowd going NUTZ! The BLKVAMPIRES came out and did a rare unplugged set that was mesmerizing which led to the first time THORNES played as a trio! They don't need a second guitar as ANTOINETTE showed she can shred with the best of them! Then came a quick Surprise Set from D-GENERATION frontman (and club owner) JESSE MALIN that caught everyone's attention! PURPLE PAM & THE FLESH EATERS came out Fast andHard and Strong with PAM's vocals soaring to new heights while JEANNE, DANNY and MERX rocked through a set that was ASTOUNDING! The night finished off with a solo set from MARILYN MANSON guitarist DAISY BERKOWITZ that made guitar players wanna go home and practice some more!

The DELANCEY BAR was the scene as Day 6 rolled around and MORA TAU kicked off the night with some Solid Rock'n'Roll! The ELX CLUB rocked their set next and then BILLY MAGEE and his band, DRUNK UNCLE, played an OUTRAGEOUS set of Rock'n'Roll covers that had the place jumping! SUICIDE CRISIS kept the crowd on their feet dancing with the BOWERY BOYS trying to tire everyone else as they had everyone dancing also! THE ELECTRIC EELZ capped off the night with some fun Rock as they all switched around playing each others on different songs!

The Final Night was back to OTTO's SHRUNKEN HEAD and the BLACKCATS NYC led off the festivities followed by GUSHER and their new singer KAREN FLEISH! The Trippy Rock of RED GRETCHEN kept the party rolling until the GOTHAM ROCKETS came on and turned the place upside down with their versions of some favorite classic rock songs! REW STAR with her band FLACK BLAMINGO (BILLY FICCA, Mr. WOLFE and DONALD) kept the night Rockin' and then ANNE HUSICK did an acoustic set with some friends! RICK ECKERLE led THE "SOFA KING WILDE JAM" with Mr. WOLFE and RONNIE WHEELER joining him!

It was a FUN 7 nights and now it's time to think about doing again it next year!

THANKS to all the Bands that played, the People who came, the clubs and anyone else I may have forgotten (HEY! I'm getting old!).

See ya around,


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